Tommi’s Burgerjoint – Copenhagen, Denmark

Finding the best burger is probably impossible – Tommi’s Burger Joint in Copenhagen is up there with the best

Tired after a great party we wake 10ish on a Sunday in May… time to go burger tasting and today it’s at the small Icelandic burger chain Tommi’s Burger Joint who opened in Copenhagen about a year ago. 
Above you see the pimp station having a great selection of sauces and condiments.
Tommi’s burger joint make’s simple and nice priced burgers.. here’s a short visit.
Fresh meat on the gas powered sizzle grill – smells are fab
Princess is here too
Classic brands behind the photo wall – Hellmanns, Beauvais and Dijon mustard
Tommi on the wall
And delicious tasty and tender meat in bread – lettuce, tomato, onion
89 Kr for a meal (12 €) – with hamburger, fries and drink, this is a bargain at this quality and my best guess is that the wait of 20 minutes in the small crowded space is the only reason the big chains can survive.
The burger was up there with the best European (hamburger category:Lou’s Diner and Flippin’ Burgers)
Go try Tommi’s on Iceland, London or Copenhagen.. let me whether you agree or disagree?

Lessons Learned
  • I must improve the meat in my burgers
  • Well equipped Pimp station’s is a nice idea
  • Life is good

Recommendations for Improvement

  •  Speed (But not any loss of quality)
  • Wine and beer license

Høkerboderne 21-23
1712 København

Tommi reminds me of my cousin’s Jen’s Painting – The elder


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