Why: What2how2.com is my personal experiment it is

  1. Inspired by great blogs as found in the side menu bar
  2. Work in progress
  3. Covering my wish for documenting, photographing, organizing
  4. To give and receive inspiration for great experiences in travel and around Luxembourg
  5. To improve in the art of writing, coding, web tools, photo editing, editing etc. etc.
  6. Revisiting my experiences later in life


  • I live and work as IT Manager in Luxembourg 
  • I regularly visit family in Jutland, Denmark and Stockholm, Sweden
  • I like to research and eat well when on vacation
= Reviews mainly Luxembourg and surroundings with the occasional travels.

  1. Avoid disappointments – reviews are positive or not written
  2. Don’t currently rate
  3. Attempt an average of 1 weekly update
  4. Support optimism, positivism, quality ideas and people
  5. Rather 1 excellent meal than 5 mediocre
  6. Excellence is found at all levels
  7. And then I like and adhere in large to the less bullshit manifesto of the Hot dog Judge


  1. Canon 7D (Primarily with 50mm, 1.4)
  2. Fujifilm X20
  3. Nokia Lumia 900 (Currently wanting a Lumia 1020)


Jan Nielsen

Born: 1975 in Europe, Denmark, Amager

Likes among others (and in no special order)

  • Food & wine.. wine and dine..
  • Travels
  • Passion
  • Life
  • Purpose
  • All things tech
  • Engines (Boats, motorcycles, planes and cars)
  • Efficiency 
  • Lactose free diet