Gaggan, faboulous Indian – Bangkok, Thailand

Gaggan has recently climbed on the lists now coming in 10th on the world 50Best and One on 50Best Asia and it is clear to me why – the most aromatic and tasty food you will find anywhere. It is Indian fusion food in Bangkok.

Around 2100 hours, 6th of April 2015, the moist Bangkok heat has succumbed slightly with the darkness as We arrive at the little white villa in a green backyard. I have read good stories about this place and also been tipped to dig deep into the cocktails. This is where we start on the outdoor terrace.
The Princess has Witch’s Portion and I believe mine was an excellent old Fashion
Shortly after we are whisked to our table and a refresher arrives promptly – Burnt Mango Panna
The bartender makes sure we enjoyed the drinks


Chocolate Pana Puri – One bite wonder


Spiced nuts in edible plastic


Potato 2 some crispy and liquid


Papadam and tomato


Bengali mustard


Keema Pao – a lamb curry burger
And a lactose friendly version for me


Sandwich is Fois gras mousse – Onion water baguette


2008 Leflaive Macon-Verzé


Explosion  Golgappa: Herb injection, served with a cracker, cumin potato & yogurt


Alchemist Cake
Delicious baked Lotus root 
Charcoal was served with smoke
Simultaneously crispy and fluffy – Sea bass
Our table deco
And a happy princess
Treasure shells, Norwegian diver scallops, coriander oil and young coconut curry
For red I stay in my comfort zone with the always pleasant Spanish 2007 QS (Quinta Sardonia)
Portuguese connections – melting tender Iberian pork belly in Vindaloo
White asparagus, yuzu chutney, false green peas, sesame miso chips
River King – Fresh water prawns grilled in tandoor with curry leaf infusion and Mango chutney
Land of Lungi – Atlantic lobster
Angry bird, – slow cooked chicken in spiced chettinad style curry & south indian rice noodles
Made in Japan ?


Poor Man’s Porridge – Firni-Jasmine rice ice-cream, pistachio crisps and rose room-freshener


Magnum – fantasy with chocolate
Petit four in smoke
The chef Gaggan Anand is quite young and so is the team. The style of both presentation and service is deliberate playful.
While the food is Indian, Gaggan utilizes excellent ingredients from around the world and plays with styles inspired by both Japanese and European cooking.
The front of house was friendly, skilled and busy.  Some details of the food have been lost in time but i promise you – go and you will taste – I sent one friend and he used the words “excellent” and “aromatic” on the new menu.
I always enjoyed aromatic and spicy food and Gaggan was an eye opening experience.
Does it sound interesting? / Will you go?
Lessons Learned
  • Progressive Indian  – if I lived in Bangkok I would go often, I even consider returning for more
  • I didn’t know there was that much different tableware in the world…. sorry 🙂
  • Gaggan Anand is a true master of taste and  texture
  • Team seemed to have fun and this was fun for us
  • Being #183 on tripadvisor today tells a story about common failings of group reviews
  • Life is good….


Recommendations for Improvement

  •  Presentation of the dishes was occasionally unclear
  •  I would like to see more “Local” wines from NZ / Australia and Asia on the euro heavy wine list
68/1 Soi Langsuan
Ploenchit Road
Bangkok 10330



I am very interested to hear from those who reads my blog, Restaurant tips and wishes …
Thank you for visiting

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