Koeppchen Bistro Brasserie – Burger tasting – Wormeldange, Luxembourg

Burger tasting in at Bistro Brasserie Koeppchen arranged by the best Luxembourgish burger blogger – Klot Kieffer.
I was too slow to reserve the last time around, 2nd time lucky, I managed to reserve two seats at this 35€ tasting. Koeppchen, a modern brasserie serving classics like “Bouchee a la Reine”, “Ham mat gardebounen ” and other good Luxembourger fare is also known for their bistro burgers.

Let’s look how the night.went:

Koeppchen opened its doors around May 2014 – this is my 2nd visit
Princess is eagerly awaiting the promised aperitif 🙂
Which refreshingly arrived very shortly thereafter
Modern but warm and nice decor except the blue light
On the menu tonight we have a few burgers
To which we add local water and a 2005 Murua, Rioja, Spain
Smiling and friendly service
1st is the Indian Burger: a light and tastytandoori spiced minced turkey with red pepper and yoghurt sauce
A generous portion of french fries
2nd is the Vintage Cheese Burger: Brioche, steak, cheddar, pickles, onion, iceberg & mustard sauce
2 taste of fries are twice or triple cooked, spiced and crunchy
3rd is named Ice Ice Baby – Wild salmon, Iceberg Norwegian cheese & dill and radish sauce
4th is starting to fill, the Kopp Rib BBQ – Shredded pork, romaine salad, cucumber & BBQ sauce
5th & final: Cosa Nostra – Minced meat, Coppa, Tomato, Basil, Ruccola, Pecorino and characterful anchovy sauce
Sweet stuff are a Banoffee pie and burger macaron
With a tasty coffee – finale
It was a big menu – 3 hours from arrival we finish and I am so full I can hardly leave.

The burgers were all very good. The bread on a few were a little too crispy and the BBQ pork could do with more pepper and vinegar chilli sauce. My heart was won by the classic Vintage Cheese Burger, also because the pickled cucumber and mustard is one of my very favorite combo’s.

Traditionalist as I am, I would have started with the salmon and then increased the strength in following order: 3,4,1,2,5 – dessert I couldn’t taste – the princess said the macaron was on the sweet side and the banoffee pie was excellent.

I lovely evening and I am on a lookout for to the next arrangement by the good people of I love my Burger or Koeppchen.

Lessons Learned
  • It’s very hard to make good photo’s in dimmed blue light
  • I can eat too much
  • I Still prefer a soft brioche for my burgers
  • Koeppchen has shared ownership with Fabrik in Mersch and more is coming
  • Life is good…
koeppchen bistro brasserie
9, Berreggaass
L-5485 Wormeldange
+352 76 00 46

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I am very interested to hear from those who reads my blog, also with ideas and wishes you might have… 
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6 thoughts on “Koeppchen Bistro Brasserie – Burger tasting – Wormeldange, Luxembourg

  1. hi,

    bummer you did miss the first burger tasting (bt) but it was marvelous! the burgers were way much better chosen and they gave us real taste explosions which i seriously missed in this bt.
    the organization was a little bit of a jumble, as some burgers arrived tepid to almost cold.
    compared to the first one, it was mediocre…


  2. Looks so delicious! I would have loved to try the salmon burger. Great that you've ventured east; I should also try more places other than Lux City or the south.


  3. About to write the same thing, first tasting was way better, better entourage more information given for each burgers. On the first tasting the Burgers were more interesting and overall more special. This time the first Burger was almost cold. Second tasting was more expensive and less good. They didn't manage to do the same for a bigger audience. Hope they'll do better next time. I particularly missed the presentation fo


  4. Now I really feel I missed something.. ha ha… It's hard to make perfect burgers, let's hope they are back in business for the next one then.
    Thanks Anouk, you would have liked the salmon burger, it was good – btw: have you heard of Grimougi in Echternach, sounds like an excellent restaurant for a vegetarian?


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