Restauberge Peitry – Our most local restaurant.

Peitry is our most local restaurant and luckily the quality keeps rising quarter by quarter. It’s French / Luxembourg classic fine table with a hint of brasserie menu and this is the story of a Sunday lunch.

Peitry opened some 4 years ago in Roodt-syre which is approx 14 km from Luxembourg city center in the direction of Trier, Germany and less than 2 Km from our home. Good opening hours and delicious food made this one of our main restaurants during a 2 year house rebuild.

The young chef Quentin Debailleux runs the kitchen, his wife Alexandra is heading up the front of house. 

This is a simple Sunday lunch
Colors and tableware is beautifully simple, salt and pepper ready – and light is on it’s way
Princess in the lovely room designed by architect: Tatiana Fabeck
Aperitif is the house wine, a refreshing white 2013 Corsican – Domaine de la punta
To help the Aperitif arrives a fluffy petit four and savory bread
Bread butter and good olive oil
2013 Corsican Rosé – Domaine de la punta
A large portion of delicious crusty pigs feet, black truffle and salad
Octopus or Octopi salad?
2007 Saint Emilion Grand Cru, Chateau La Rose Piney. Good wine but a little too easy for our main courses
Princess had the rich and excellent house made ox tail ravioli
It is my year of the burger and i felt like it…moist patty, fluffy bread. a good burger.
Valentino coffee and classic cake
It was a good afternoon and the price ended around 150€ which is perfect considering Luxembourg and the wine i choose.I feel that prices and quality have reached a level where I think Peitry could qualify for a Michelin Bib Gourmand.
It is good unfussy food. well cooked with fresh ingredients and presented and dressed nicely – a clear recommendation and if the lunch or weekend menu fits your wishes then you are in luck.. 3 courses for 35€
The portions are big and so are the menu. There is something for everyone and I can recommend you to visit, then come to us for a drink afterwards. Will you?

 Lessons Learned

  • Having been a little disappointed by 2 x 1* Michelin’s this week – Peitry definitely did better
  • It is time to get people into their cabrio’s and out of our city center… try it.
  • Crusty pigs feet are nice
  • Life is good…

Recommendations for Improvement
  • Bread quality
  • Wine list (Number of wines)
  • 40% smaller starters – 10% lower prices
  • Increased fantasy for Amuse bouche 
  • Fine dining or brasserie?

18, route de Luxembourg
L-6910 Roodt-sur-Syre (Rued-Sir)
Tél.: +352 26 78 75 98
Fax: +352 26 78 75 97

Bonus package

Addi – sorry ’bout your feet

Nice floor

Aperitif bar downstairs

For the eyes



Please comment and correct me below. 

I am very interested to hear from those who reads my blog, also with ideas and wishes you might have… 
thank you for visiting see you soon

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