Curry, Ramen & More in – Düsseldorf, Germany

Short visit to Düsseldorf a week back. Currywurst is almost a requirement but there is more…

We are spending 1 night in here and have gone out for dinner our 1st stop is Curry as recommend by my good internet colleague The Hot dog Judge
Expectations as usual – HIGH as the judge has ruled this a 5/5 Currywurst
Prices are sensible
Flower, light, salt and pepper.. clean and nice


The princess
Service is fast, people come and leave in a steady stream
I find gold in food wasteful at best, but here it is a golden currywurst – classic Curry sauce
Lovely snappy bite and bouncy texture in the meat, my picante sauce could be more picante
Fresh double cooked fries, much better than average… actually pretty damn good
All ads up to 27.60€ with wine and water
Foursquare is contra dictionary at best and probably not correct… I hope they improve
New Zollhoff by Frank Gehry across the street from Curry
Dessert is served at Takumi after queuing a small ½ hour
Warm Sake is nice on a cold January day
Takumi special Pork ramen – rich and nice
Princess has a miso ramen with teriyaki chicken
Lovely and light Gyoza to share
I regularly crave a good curry wurst, this one was excellent… albeit not beating Kantine neun in Berlin.
Between the 2 restaurants we took used Uberpop to transport us and honestly it was way too cheap – seriously We need this service in Luxembourg but really I want to pay more. 1st ride was approx 2.2 KM’s taking almost 20 minutes… this cost us 1.18€ coming back was 11minutes for 1.01€. So uber please come to Luxembourg, but pay your drivers a little more.. please.


In Düsseldorf you will find the largest concentration of Japanese immigrants in Germany which might make this the capital for Japanese food, noodles and sushi. In any case, we had a great afternoon and evening in Düsseldorf. Delicious food, friendly service and good reasons to come back to eat more.
Lessons Learned
  • Don’t order ketchup for fries when you have a currysauce and don’t order fries before Ramen
  • Gold is still overrated as a food item
  • My first ramen… not the last
  • Goyza should be airy
  • Maybe not for the German Uberpop driver
  • … but for us life is good…

Moltkestrasse 115
40479 Düsseldorf

Open  Nov/Feb:
Mon-Son 11.30 – 22.00 Uhr
Sun-Mon 11.30 – 23.00 / Fri-Sat 11.30 – 23.00

Immermannstr. 26,
Düsseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia

Bonus package – (A visit to Classic Remise Düsseldorf)



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