Nagaya – Düssedorf, Germany

Nagaya comes recommended with 1 Michelin star, it is situated in the Japanese quarter and they serve a fusion between the European and Japanese kitchens, we are here for a Saturday lunch. 

Saturday lunch, we have parked the car after 3 hours on slippery roads (with 7 +- accidents reported in Luxembourg). Happy and hungry as always we quickly choose the 68€ lunch menu while I attack the extensive and well arranged wine list:
First up is a king krab tatar

2012 Rochioli,  Sauvignon Blanc, Russian River Valley, USA
Another little tuna tatar, spring onion and soya
Then a japanese garden with tasty shrimp and crab
Which makes princess happy

I should take notes
Sea bream, tuna, dorade?, salmon – all perfect
2013, Vouvray from Bernard Fouquet
Veal, truffle, Mushrooms and salsify
Chocolate ice cream for the princess
And a lactose free meringue and red fruits for I

A good coffee to finish
As usual we had luck, a little research goes a long when and Nagaya served an excellent lunch which in itself was worth the 250km drive. We are already looking for reasons to return and try the large sushi plate as it was very nicely presented at the neighboring table. 
Thomas the Maitre d’ managed an excellent service with good style and knowledgeable response to our every question.
Lessons Learned
  • Michelin guide is still very useful
  • Düsseldorf is a great destination for Japanese dining and shopping
  • Life is good

Klosterstr. 42
40211 Düsseldorf
Phone : +49 2118639636


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