Restaurant Frantzén – Stockholm Sweden

These days we eat extremely well in Stockholm. Frantzén is one of those places. Modern, Swedish & European plates rethought. plated, beautified and texturized into a japanese omakase style serving.
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It has been on our list ever since December 2012 when Trine wrote about Frantzén and this day 2 good years later, I have saved up enough to make a visit. 
Having 2 stars by Michelin and a current 23rd spot on the San Pellegrino list of 50 best In The World*, as usual the mood is excellent, expectations are trough the ceiling – we are here to learn and have fun.
Dark winter evening, here we enter
As we are seated a herb infusion is cooking. We are at the Chef’s table, a bar table looking into the kitchen
The fixed Menu arrives with the tea
Fittingly bubbles for Princess Anne – We have chosen the wine menu
Råraka – Crispy potato, sour cream & vendace roe
Spice cookie macaron with fois gras, apple and lingon berry
Norwegian king crab, cooked in beer, dill and wild roe of Arctic char
Max at work
2007 Vouvray -, Francois Chidaine, France
“Poor knights” -sea urchin and white alba truffel
Followed by a beautiful Langoustine, ham and truffle
Kitchen view
Horse sushi on crispy moss and raw grated fois gras
La Bota de Florpower Mas Alla #53
Baked bone marrow, Osciétra caviar and mushroom juice
2007 Hameau de Blagny, Puligny-Mantrachet, France
Fermented bread soup, smoked bacon – Fried sourdough and dried butter
Freshly churned butter and herbs
Truffles a plenty
Scallop, eggs & truffle
Chef Frantzén is closely surveying progress
“Dashi” soup
Satio tempestas – Best seasonal beauty
Cod skin and cheek, horseradish and apple
Delicious cod, white soya and compote of braised sweet onion
Cornas by Marcel Juge – Northern Rhone, France
2009 Bollinger
Deer, Brussels sprout, sauce of roasted cauliflower and truffle
Dove, berries, smoked mushroom
Porto time – 10 Years old – Quinta Do Vallado – Porto, Portugal
Yeast ice cream, Whipped ale, cream of gull eggs, and dried egg yolk
Blue and green tea, with sea buck-thorn and crystallized sea lettuce
The team serving our food tonight – Lars Brennwald and Max
Coffee time
With Bento box
crispy berry and beet in front -Soft mulberry and carrot behind
Eclair filled by roasted sesam, glaced with vanilla and miso / Chocolate filled with creme of blackcurrant and cocoa
Apple Tart, caramel and macaroon … happy and time to say goodbye
The price I knew beforehand and it is not for the faint hearted, but that said:
Excellent, service was better than excellent and the delicious classic wines was flowing soo freely that we left very happy and eventually very tired. Every serving was considered, taste, look and texture impeccable, a really good experience that truly deserves a visit. 
3½ hours have passed, we wined and dined… another good experience to look back at.

Lessons Learned
  • Arrive well rested
  • There is no such thing as too much truffle!
  • Delicious deserts need not be sweet
  • Bar service provides good entertainment
  • Life is good…

Restaurant Frantzén
Lilla Nygatan 21
111 28 Stockholm

Tel: +46 8 20 85 80 


Bonus package
* (As Jeremy Clarkson would say)


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I am very interested to hear from those who reads my blog, also with ideas and wishes you might have… 
thank you for visiting

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