Sushi Sho – Stockholm, Sweden

Sushi Sho opened in Stockholm in the spring 2014. I had heard that it was the next big thing so we had to check it out.

Chef Carl Ishizaki has made sushi for some 20 years and with Sushi Sho has he created what could be the next level a authentic Tokyo style sushi bar in the city, similarity exits with Hoze in Gothenburg.
Traveling mainly in Europe, this is a first to us: Edomae style sushi, served Omakase in Stockholm. Here the Ginger is prepared in-house, Wasabi is real and you don’t need to handle soya to wasabi to sushi ratio’s, the chef knows how to calibrate.
Concentrated chef Carl Ishizaki
Drinks menu
as tradition for us we start with a with a white – Batterieberg 2013 Riesling
Space is tight and social
After the bar has been filled the kitchen starts up 17:30 – we have 1½ hour
1. Pollock, yuzu and sancho pepper
2. Beautiful Norwegian salmon
3. Sea Bream
4. Pollock, Yuzu and smoked salt… notice the fish to rice ratio
Inspired by our neighbors – it’s sake time
Which according to custom you don’t serve yourself
5. Char
6. Tempered scallop
7. Tuna
Torch regularly in use
8. Fat Salmon
9. Whelks
10. Sea Urchin
11. Squid – 72deg Celsius 6 hours
12. Horse Mackerel – Ginger
13 – Eggs and eggs, Salmon with quails egg
Princess and I – Selfie – happy – Prices behind
14a. The princess choose Sea bream as bonus bite for nice behavior
14b. I had a scallop in my hand roll
The space is a little tight and so is the time.. but it is worth it. I have never tasted classic sushi this good. Like with burgers I know understand that you have 2 schools, classic and modern.. Sushi Sho is to date the best purist sushi I ever had. (Råkultur the best modern sushi.)
These 2 styles are not really comparable nor competing. The biggest challenge being how to bring these 
levels of Japanese cooking to Luxembourg.
So top tip – If in Stockholm, make a visit to Sushi Sho or simply order take away if there’s not enough space.
Lessons Learned
  • Sushi and sake
  • Edomae style = Tokyo style
  • Omakase translates to Chef’s choice
  • This is a new level… i still crave it
  • Life is good
Upplandsgatan 45
Vasastan, Stockholm

PHN: +46 08 303030

Bonus package – Køttbaren – butcher, Bar – restaurant

Meat-counter that also doubles as bar disk
Delicious Gin & Yang
Dessert – a good curry dog.


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