Flippin’ Burgers – Stockholm, Sweden

For 2 years I have wanted to visit Flippin’ Burgers, time constraints, location and queuing stories have kept me away. This time however they have moved closer to my area and the queues should be shorter and sweeter. So is their burger as good as expected?

Flippin’ burger is a great success story – already before our visit, I know that Jon opened it 2012 funded via the Swedish kickstarter equivalent “www.fundedbyme.se. Wanting to open a great burger restaurant serving quality and taste. Jon traveled USA for a good month searching inspiration from burger to burger, 68 he counts. It’s a nice story about life-style choices and the most important choice was to go for simplicity in the classic hamburger style… simple and tasty.
So what is the product:
Menu is short and sweet, most burgers are single 150g or 2 x 100 gram. Vegetarian option too.
Their service is friendly, efficient and the serve an impressive selection of beer
Good use of a quiet minute – I say the team spirit is high.
The word on Foursquare – can it be?
Behind the counter
Princess has a Vanilla Shake… says it is good… but not mindbogglingly so
To support this she has a double patty Burgler for 125 SEK
I have chosen a vegetarian Burgler and a hamburger
Fries also
Served without sauce, Beef and buttered bread, you can then add mayo, mustard and ketchup… but it isn’t required
having studied burgers a few years and now with Flippin in my stomach I will try to clarify. Burgers come in 2 categories, Hamburgers and Gastro/bistro burgers, these are both burgers but cannot be compared due to difference in taste, size and price. 
Hamburgers are always simple and tasty, often inexpensive too – and the beef patty rarely or never exceeds 150g. (simplicity comparable to the 3 ingredient Italian pizza and classic nigri sushi). 
Bistro burgers are elaborate combinations of cheese selections, salads, sauces and so on… commonly served from 150 gram patty and upwards.
Inspired by In&Out, Shake Shack and other american institutions, Flippin’ does simple hamburgers and the with the bread and beef in focus the do them really, really well. Moist and tasty the Maillard reaction is really shining through and the bread picks up the juices when you bite without much mess.
Secondaries like shake and fries were okay – this day, but not at the same high level, fries a little dry and shake too sweet. Have 2 burgers instead, and then there is easy room for improvement before my next visit.
I now know that I like both burger style although prefer the Hamburger and Flippin’ does a damn good one! Congratulations – to date the best I have tried – closely followed by Lou, AG and Pubologi.
Lessons Learned
  • Not so sweet brioche, lovely bite and resistance.. bought the book..baked…good bread!
  • Maillard done well
  • Keep it simple
  • Life is good…
Observatoriegatan 8
113 29 Stockholm
info@flippinburgers.se (No bookings)
Mon – Friday 16-22
Saturday 12-22
Sunday 12-22

Bonus package

Corner location in Vasastan, hope to be back… excellent address


Please comment and correct me below. 
I am very interested to hear from those who reads my blog, also with ideas and wishes you might have… 
thank you for visiting

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