The Bite, Zürich, Switzerland

The burger revolution has also hit Switzerland and the hottest burger restaurant in Zürich right now is the bite
Opened since sometime mid 2013, the bite is a classic sit down burger joint, focusing on quality burgers and fries.

It’s around 9PM and we have been out on the run since lunch time tasting/drinking maybe 50 different wines at the yearly returning Zurich Wine Expo (Expovina), so I will start by apologizing for blurry pic’s and descriptions.

The bite meets us in the middle of the red light district, an area with many fine eateries.

Arrived, hungry
House is full – reservations recommended!
Simple decoration
Good Mules from Moscow
I have Anchor Steam Beer from San Francisco
Part of the deliciousness explained
Cheese Nachos
Discussing Private Property Rights
BBQ with Animal fries (Add Cheddar, Oven and a secret sauce)
My first burger is a California
Today’s special pretty with bacon for the Princess
California Close up
And my Classic Bite cut in 2, look at this lovely juicy meat
Excellent, really excellent… but we are in Zurich, far from Crete but normal here 🙂

Being more than 5 at the table meant that we due to logistics couldn’t order the slider option (3 small burgers of choice). I chose 2 full size instead arguing that I am rarely in Zurich and this was a good choice as they were delicious.

The burgers are extremely well balanced, american style fluffy brioche bun and a airy and juicy meat patty. Fresh salads and interesting combinations results in really, really good burgers.

Animal fries are a good choice if your drunk or monster hungry, the classic fries were very good. Not as good as Heston Blumenthal’s triple cooked, just crispy and tasty small cut fritters.

I think the bite is on my all time top 5 burgers and this is praise!

Lessons Learned

  • When ordering 2 burgers, I might not need 2 portions of fries?
  • Quality ingredients and food love has arrived in Zurich.
  • My camera can’t keep up in dark rooms
  • Brisket, Ribs and Sirloin – yes
  • Life is good…

Kirtanya & Thomas von Matt
The Bite GmbH
Brauerstrasse 15
8004 Zürich

+41 (0)44 242 30 00

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