100 Maneiras – Lisbon, Portugal

What is now a little while back – we visited 100 Maneiras in Lisbon. Another great evening and another restaurant well worth a visit.

100 Maneiras (One hundred ways) – Lies almost hidden in the darker part of Barrio Alto. It is well known by foodies who maybe also saw it the first time in the Lisbon episode of  No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain.

Fixed tasting menu, 2 sittings per evening, (tourist time and Lisbon time) – this is a busy restaurant with a warm white interior and a nice welcome. The food is inspired by Portuguese Ingredients and modern presentation much like the now 2 starred Belcanto.

Now we have arrived, well seated, interested in the kitchen of famed chef Ljubomir Stanisic

Having had a good apero at the Chinese Pavilion – Princess is ready
Good fresh bread and olive oil
2013 Casal Sta. Maria, Lisbon 
Dehydrated Bacalhau chips and dips of Coriander Aioli and Pepper Coulis (hanging like the drying Lisbon clothes or Alinea style?)
2012 VZ, Douro, Portugal
Prawn and sea urchin in a rocket and spinach chlorophyll and oyster foam
Fresh oyster – Potato with cheese and mackerel – cod fish and oyster croquettes
Roast beef with Foie-gras, fennel and dashi sauce
2011 Meruge, Douro, Portugal
Sardines with smoked cheese, vinegar shallots and fried coriander
Seared Codfish, Lupin puree and Bearnaise
A cleanser
Pear in spiced wine purée and fennel sorbet
2009, Nelson Neves Reserva, Bairrada, Portugal
Pistachio encrusted loin of lamb, Garlic puree and candied vegetables
Pina-colada cheesecake
2012, Monte da Ravasqueira Colheita Tardia, Alentejo, Portugal
Chocolate brownie garden with yogurt ice cream
Coffee, cookie – done 🙂
Everything was excellent, good ingredients, nice execution and cooked perfectly. The codfish chips and dip was possibly the best as taste and texture was the most pure power and some of the plates were maybe more conceptual than flavor filled in comparison.
As you see in the pic’s our sommelier did not have time or patience for pictures of the bottles, but he was straight about it. And all the wines were crisp and lovely and they did not give you a chance to run dry… which is just perfect. 
A visit here is highly recommended, given that the menu stays now around 55€

Lessons Learned
  • When napping in the afternoon, after long lunch… set the alarm utilize you first booking
  • Portugal has lots of nice wine
  • Go out, travel – eat more
  • Life is good…

R. Teixeira 35   
1200-459 Lisbon
PHN: +351 910 307 575

Bonus package
100 Maneiras Entrance
Lisbon style around the corner


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thank you for visiting

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