Belcanto – Lisbon, Portugal

Belcanto, the Lisbon Michelin flagship of José Avillez. We ended yesterday evening in the brasserie, Cantinho do Avillez. So how will this be different? and will it be better?

Saturday lunch, We have just walked an excellent 3 hours guided tour of Lisbon with Paolo of the Lisbon Explorer, he left us hungry in front of the restaurant.

We have another guide already booked for the afternoon, so we need to hurry a little bit.. 2½ hours only before the next date.

We ring the bell and after a short minute the door opens:

Classic and discrete facade, ring the bell for entry!
Princess slightly puzzled about the entry procedure 🙂
Our flower
Chardonnay bubbles to start
The famous olive of El Bulli
fois gras pretending to be Ferreo Rocher
Arroz de Mariscos, slightly revisited
Choice of four breads
And three good butters
Good Sovina Beer
Sardine on stone
Our Neighbor taking pics
The most delightful food and travel blogger Roxanne Bamboat of Mumbai – (Also known as the tiny taster)
We have chosen the wine menu, now Ninfa, Sauvignon blanc
The princess has allergy against shellfish  so she gets mixed grilled vegetables
for me it is the Seafood platter
Followed by Smoked Mackerel belly
Meruge, lavradores de feitoria, Douro
The garden of the goose that laid the golden eggs – Not a fan of gold in food, but perfectly cooked
Red mullet, white and black stones of Lisbon and liver sauce
2012, Merlot, Primeira Paixao
Princess has roast pork
while i enjoy fantastic pork with clams, the best dish of the day
fragile and lovely finger snack
2008 Grandjo for the dessert
Sweets for the espresso
Funny dining next to a blogging colleague, disturbing and nice not to be only nerd at the same time.

Everything served was excellent, well planned, connected to the soil and waters of Portugal and most importantly delicious.

Good Portuguese wines matched the food brilliantly. The service was competent but maybe not at ease as by the very best. 
2½ hours after arriving We must leave for another previously booked tour of Lisbon. This time the private guide Alex giving us a better insight into the food and wines of Portugal.
All in all, this was a my absolute favorite restaurant in Lisbon and I look forward to our return. The strength here being the very stringent idea of locality, execution and as always texture and taste.


Lessons Learned
  • In Avillez’s kitchen – the taste comes first
  • Lovely wines are most definitively found in Portugal
  • Life is good…

 Largo de São Carlos, 10
1200-410 Lisboa
Phn: +351 213 420 607

Bonus package



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