Le Sud, Clausen Luxembourg

Le Sud, In Luxembourg since 2008, this is my 3rd and overdue visit to what Tripadvisor currently lists as 3rd of 495 in the city.

We have good friends visiting from Denmark and I want to be sure that they get the experience again that you can eat really well in Luxembourg without breaking the bank.
Considering most of the Michelin Bib’s and that we went to Cote Cour in Bourglinster last year. The choice today, November 2nd falls upon Le Sud. Let’s have a look at our afternoon:
You know when you have arrived
Roses, salt and pepper on the table
We start with a very decent Cuvee Privilege from Domain Kox, Luxembourg
Bread wise there’s a choice of classic or cereal
Studying the menu where today the only choice is between Turbot or slow cooked Iberian Pig
Amuse 1: is roasted bread with good olive oil, black truffle and salt
Amuse 2: (Lactose free vesion) – Scallops, pine nuts, olive and oil
Amuse 2: (std.)- Cappucino of porcini with small scallops and truffle
Pumpkin soup with Pata Negra, crusty fois gras and smoked milk cream
delicious classic egg and truffle for me
2013 Bandol, Domaine Tempier
Turbot poached in boullion of herbs, Vegetables glaced in safranised butter
Lactose friendly version with a beautiful and tasty ratatouille
The princess and her humble servant
Cheese table
Classic condiments
Quite decent 2012 Morgon
2 goats, a cow and blue sheep
Cake Moelleux with a core of creme Brulee and fruits
Sorbet and fruits forme
It’s a beautiful room, classic like the food
For the coffee
Also in lactose free version
A lovely sunday lunch, being picky, the turbot could have done with 60sec’s less on the heat. but all in all, it beat my expectations and considering the menu was 49€ for the food i can easily recommend visit to Le Sud.
Service was a little old school in style, that’s their choice and positivly attentive and near flawless execution.
I believe my lactose free menu was even better than the standard this day. Lovely egg’s, truffle and the beautiful fruit and sorbet dessert were both lighter than the alternative and outstanding.

Lessons Learned

  • I like the truffle season
  • Rarely but occasionally you can win without lactose
  • Tripadvisor is not always wrong… 🙂
  • Life is good…

8 Rives de Clausen
L-6521 Clausen
Phn: +35226478750
Web: www.le-sud.lu


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