Sushic for Lunch and Pasteis de Belem for dessert, Lisbon, Portugal.

Sushic is hidden away in the Lisboa Almada Hotel south of the Tagus river. Fusion sushi, fresh, pretty and popular.

Our friend, the Lisbon princess had advised. No, insisted that when we visit Lisbon, We must go to Sushic, no matter what.
Not daring otherwise and always happy for good advice, that’s what we did.
I let the photos talk (Window seat for lunch makes a happy camera day)
Hungry happy or both
Simple table setup and decor
On the wall
House Sauvignon Blanc 2013
Fried shrimp
Cucumber, strawberry and more
Strawberry and chilli
Combi plate
Vegetarian plate

Fried tuna, just as a guarantee not to leave hungry 🙂
We gave the waiter full freedom to choose as the menu was large and in Portuguese.
Comparing to one of the few fusion sushi places i know (Råkultur in Stockholm), Our menu had a little too much classic fish salmon, tuna and scrimp for my liking and mayo was used too frequently assembly and finish. However for 80€ this was a GREAT lunch, good wine, friendly flawless English service and everything we had tasted super fresh even this being a Sunday lunch.
The house was full and I fully understand why… so hereby the recommendation is forwarded – go to Lisbon, visit Sushic, tell me how it went.

Lessons Learned
  • Sushi is great, great comfort food
  • And does not need to ruin you
  • Life is good…
Rua Abel Salazar n9 – 9A
Almada 2805-313
+351 211 911 965
Bonus package: Desert @ Pasteis de Belem
Goodness straight from the oven
Much goodness…. every day
Just 1, divided in two – 90 cents of Cinnamon and Nature
Excellent coffee
The shop
The famous queue
Green in style


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2 thoughts on “Sushic for Lunch and Pasteis de Belem for dessert, Lisbon, Portugal.

  1. Gift. Happiness. Saudade.
    3 words that jumped into my mind while I was scrolling down today's post.
    Thanks Jan for bringing me a little piece of home 🙂
    Kisses. Sofia


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