Cantinho do Avillez – Lisbon, Portugal

Just arrived in Lisbon by Luxair and Uber. The first point on our agenda is an early evening reservation by Cantinho Do Avillez.

Recommended by our Lisboa born friend, I have as usual high expectations. It’s our first visit to Lisbon and only the second time in Portugal. So little time and so much to learn.

Having heard of a recent surge in places to enjoy good dining – eating and drinking in Lisbon, can it be that we have a new foodie destination in Europe.. well…

Eager to take our first dip into the kitchens of chef Avillez – here we go:

There is no doubt where we are
20:00 is early
Local water, menus and pretty used portuguese bread tableware in metal
Two drinks and a happy princess
Bread, butter, olives and red dip arrive as soon as the order is placed.. all is good
First starter is  Marinated scallop with Avocado
Joined by a fresh Sauvignon Blanc, Camaleao
Delicious 4 bites, 4 Continents . Wrap of marinated tuna, pickled vegetables, coriander and Kimchi dressing
Farinheira “Sausage” with Corn bread and coriander crust
Fried Green beans with tatar dip
Eggs in the 21st century style
2011, Quinta dos Menteirinhos, Dao
Paultry liver in onion and port
Condiments for my Prego MX-LX
Good fries fits friday
Fresh tortilla style flatbread
An perfectly cooked steak
2012 Ciconia Reserva… nice
My Prego assembly
Absolutely reasonable
Everything was good, tasty and well cooked, tender moist. Also almost all dishes showed excellent combination of fresh herbs, lime/lemon and creaminess that defines comfort food when it’s best. 
The beans had a little too much tempura for the taste and the non sausage, sausage could have had a little more coriander. The two fish servings and my meaty sandwich took the prices for recommend-ability.
Excellent friendly and skilled young service team, nice unfussy interior and an excellent address. I look forward to return.
Lessons Learned

    • Portugal invented tempura…. very important
    • José Avillez has an excellent taste for comfortfood
    • Dinner is late in Lisbon
    • Life is good…

    Cantinho do Avillez
    Rua dos Duques de Bragança, 7
    1200-162 Lisboa
    + 351 21 199 23 69



    Please comment and correct me below. 
    I am very interested to hear from those who reads my blog, also with ideas and wishes you might have… 
    and not least thank YOU for visiting!

    2 thoughts on “Cantinho do Avillez – Lisbon, Portugal

    1. Really interesting as its a city I have never visited! I wonder if you should give more comment on the wine in your reviews? Especially this one as Portuguese wines are often dismissed and you what looks like two rally good ones here. The Alentejo reds I think are generally really good and their good Sauvignon blancs are really good!


    2. Hi Chris
      Thanks and well noticed… as I have considered talking more about the qualities of the wine.

      Wine and taste is so subjective that I tend to generally comment more on the wine service, concept and price than the wines taste.
      I will however try to improve this skill set and see if my memory will play along.

      Basically every glass we had i Portugal was excellent. but we understood that many bottles are produced in smaller quantities and with limited exports. so they can be difficult to purchase in Luxembourg?
      Have fun and happy tastings


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