Yamayu Santatsu, Luxembourg – the first What 2 How 2 revisit

 Sushi, old school and very very delicious

May 2012 I wrote about Yamayu Santasu, now I think it is time to do so again.
There are a small dusin of restaurants that we visit reasonably frequently. Yamayu Santatsu is one of these. This night it was my friend’s birthday and how can we celebrate better that going a little crazy in heaps of sushi, sashimi and Pinot Gris.
Today there are 2 Princesses by the table
Happy and lucky we are
Good Luxembourgish Pinot gris
Late picture of Squid in teriaky sauce
& Maquarel to start
Classic Sashimi mixed plate
Tuna, Salmon and Shrimps.
Califonia and kappa maki
The excellent Tamago
Salmon eggs, maquerel, ? and Sea bream.

Today we were sitting in one of the maybe 5 private room upstairs, this is very nice when you want to talk privately and probably the only option should you be more than 4 people in this tiny restaurant.
The fish and the rice was as good as ever. Add to this, that I find that the service has improved greatly since my last article! So today it is only the charm of the old decor that I must preadvice about.
Remember to ask for the less common fish and also order some tamago because it is really good.

Lessons Learned
  • Share the starters, all are good here
  • I consider going back to the the Canon 7D… what do you think?
  • Life is good…

26 rue Notre-Dame 
L-2240 Luxembourg


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I am very interested to hear from those who reads my blog, also with ideas and wishes you might have… 
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3 thoughts on “Yamayu Santatsu, Luxembourg – the first What 2 How 2 revisit

  1. Good review Jan, Sushi is a real favorite and this reminds me its time for a visit! Now for something I can comment on! I love the 7D but, for an evening in a restaurant, 1, its quite big and 2. its a bit “noisy” in low light if you increase the ISO. The flash is very direct unless you turn down the flash exposure comp. But you have the excellent X20 – maybe look at the X30 if you are thinking of changing or have a good look at 7D mark II later this month or the 70D (smaller and marginally better than 7D in low light). As ever, interesting reading! Chris


  2. Thank you Chris and thanks for the photo article. I am mostly using the X20 at the moment – mainly due to the small size and lack of click noise. Never use flash especially never in the restaurant. Currently I am contemplating selling to 7D but it is difficult as it still takes better pictures especially in low light situations and also dreaming a little about the new sigma 35mm 1.4

    Thanks for reading and see you outthere.


  3. If you like Canon and want to improve low light capability (not the 7D's forte!) then the 70D or, better yet, 6D, low light capabilities are far better. Otherwise you want to look at the upper end of Fuji scale – XPro-1 or XE-1 with their 35mm, as these have amzing reviews and strong low light capability!


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