So food – A luxembourgish food truck story… and a tiny bonus of house warming :)

“So food” the name of the latest food truck in Luxembourg is also available for private catering.
We have followed them since the start, so here’s a story of a few encounters.

In the empty space waiting for updates from Klot Kieffer @ LoveMyBurger where I have followed each article and tasted the almost all the burgers and more during the last 2 years. 
I now divide burgers into two groups. So food food truck does gourmet burgers.
Cat 1. Hamburger (The simple classics cheeseburger, bacon burger etc., small, cheap and tasty)
Cat 2. Cafe / Gourmet burger which is larger and has a greater variety of bread, ingredients & sauces.
So food mainly makes cat 2 burgers. Complex beasts with the best produce and attention to detail.
Here’s a story of several encounters with So Food. (Lunch break visits & when they served at our housewarming)
Greggory is cleaning the meat that will be minced on site. Bread for sliders are fresh from the baker
Setup in our Driveway
Sliders – can i have one more?
Rainy Lunch break in the car… having the Vegetarian
A lunch break with the Chicken Tandori – Fries are twice cooked in beef fat
Princess is here, vacation lunch a day in september
The bread is soft brioche type

Bistro, Tasty and Truffle
Same 3 opened for the camera
Bistro was delicious, absolutely delicious
So food does fantastic slow food burgers. filled with love they are available for lunch in different places around luxembourg best found via facebook or
Greggory and Johnny joined us for our housewarming. came in time and made fantastically good sliders. Small burgers with peppersauce, bearnaise, tasty (Basic), chicken and veggie. I think they made 430+ sliders in one evening and everyone liked it.
Lessons Learned
  • I will easily employ So Food again for an event!
  • Sliders is a good fingerfood
  • Bread and meat shall be airy light and fine
  • Life is good…


Bonus package (The housewarming)

Princess @ work

3 Italian salamis
Gildas with the wrong type of anchovies – still tasty though
But plenty of the good champagne from Thierry Perrion
Ready ?
Radishes in smoked cheese and crumbled dark bread
Carrots in smoked cheese dip and crumbled dark bread
Danish delight a lá Viggo


Please comment and correct me below. 
I am very interested to hear from those who reads my blog, also with ideas and wishes you might have… 
thank you for visiting

2 thoughts on “So food – A luxembourgish food truck story… and a tiny bonus of house warming :)

  1. Well, congrats on your new home! My plan is to try the So Food vegetarian burger this week. They usually stop once a week near my office. Can't wait to finally find out what the food is like.


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