Kafenio STO Scolio (The old school house), Anidroi, Crete, Greece – 3 visits

The old school cafe in Anidroi is my favorite place on Crete and I am exited to finally show it to you. 
Go there but keep it just at is !

It is not only my favorite so we went three times in our seven days on crete in mid September. Twice for lunch and once for dinner and this blog post is all those visits combined. 
First time I came here was alone after the lovely walk up the gorge of Anidri. It’s a lovely tranquil garden under a huge old olive tree. It is a pure greek cuisine, organic produce and with a simple and lovely presentation.
The menu which is changing daily are hanging on the wall… crosses before the item will indicate which items are not ready yet or red when it has been depleted..
What 2 choose.. it isn’t evident and better to be many sharing @ your table
A cold Mythos.
Beetroot marinated in balsamico, olive oil.
Fresh bread for the dips
Meze for two
Bacon and date rolls
Octopus with walnut and garlic dip
Tsigaristro… tender moist lamb
Chickpea with spinach & sweet potatoe
Cheese stuffed peppers
Lamb in wine & Oregano
Chicken with beer & honey, moist and delicious at lunch, a little dry at the evening visit
Scolio salad
Aubergine rolls, stuffed with feta
Fennel pie
Kalitsounia, Greens and cheese
Traditional meatballs and potatoes
Italian style “Mousaka”
Fried Feta with honey and sesame
Green Bean salad
Spinach and blue cheese salad.
Traditional meatpie.. Those who know me… it is as good as Poire’s Bouche a la reine!!
Pork with orange & sundried tomatoes
Lamb liver in sage and metaxa
Grapes come freely
Together with the supercooled raki
Example lunch with too much food for 4
Smiles, smiles 🙂 – Thank you and see you soon
Many visit’s and many pictures, but this is a strong recommendation. delicious food, lovely setting. Reasonably fast and fantastically skilled friendly service. 
Greek food, with inspirations from italy, classic but presented and cooked with passion, it is all in the taste.
Lessons Learned
  • Go many & taste more
  • This is also an excellent address for vegetarians
  • Sometimes there are no space for anything but raki
  • Life is good…

The old school, Anidroi, Crete, Greece 🙂

Bonus package
One Life One Chance
Nice and simple
Sun spot
The old school house
Another day another menu
View down the Anidri Gorge – lovely 1 hour walk
The Swedish mafia and Princess
Anidri Village water connections… aka when you don’t know frost


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And thank you for visiting

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