Vrissali Taverna – Paleochora, Crete, Greece

a little and slightly hard to find family restaurant in Paleochora on Crete.

We have just returned from seven days in Paleochora. Not our first visit to this lovely simple village, many routines are in place. Vrissali was not known from earlier and therefore my choice for the week. 

A family run restaurant with homegrown vegtables and meats as specialities. There are literally no fish on the menu, which is rare around Paleochoras 40+ restaurants from which I will post more later.
Here are few pictures from a simple greek dinner.
Kalitsounia – Spinach and cheese pies
Good, crispy fried courgettes
The omnipresent Saganaki, fried cheese
Zucchini flower, filled with tasty rice and Youghurt
Princess and friends
Tender slow cooked goat and potatoes
Pork skewer with spicy sauce and greek fries
Visited by the resident cat family
House distilled Raki offered by the house
A veal stifado (Stew) of which I have no picture of was absolutely divine. The house red wine was not on top, so we emptied the cellar of it’s 2 last bottles of good Boutari redwine and stayed on white hereafter.
All the food was good, but some of the days specials like goat and veal were absolutely deliciously tender and tasty, so I recommend specials before a la carte. 
The full table received a plate with cake, vanilla and chocolate icecream made on milk from the house goats. Absolutely delicious! and a dinner like this for 7 pax cost us +- 100€ total.
Lessons Learned 
  • In a greek kitchen, always start by visiting the kitchen to see the menu 
  • I can’t take all the pictures when friends are hungry and faster
  • Will be back at Vrissali , Both service and food is properly genuine.
  • Sometimes a restaurant has only 2 bottles red wine left… in the house! 
  • Life is good!
Located on the road to Anydri beach,2km away from Aris Hotel
Paleochora 2004 Bonus picture (same crowd & Proof of time passing)
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