Henne Kirkeby Kro, Denmark – The Dinner

In the windy west of Denmark, lies a little roadside inn.

This is a story about a visit to Mr. P. Cunningham and this most extravagant venture into the best of hospitality, food and wine. 

Our visit Henne Kirkeby Kro was planned in good time as a destination, a 100 km detour on our 10 day road trip. A detour because we were on vacation and had heard much good about this place.

The old Inn lies next to a country road going to to Henne Strand with its beautiful and windy beaches to the Atlantic ocean. It is renovated fairly recently and looks fanatically maintained. Inside it is Scandinavian in the most utilitarian but still very warm, modern and cosy style.

Paul Cunningham, head chef and infant terrible. Originally from Essex, UK but has lived some 20 years in Denmark, many of these in Copenhagen running the kitchens of famous kitchens, The Paul, Søllerød Kro and Formel B. Also author on several cookbooks, always with an eye for aesthetics, quality and a little touch of eccentricity.

This is our dinner:
Individual decor for each table
Bubble’s from Francis Boulard, obliterate the last strains of cabriolet driving.
Olive and Peach.
Radish, yoghurt
Bacon and cacao mustard
Pigs ears
Chorizo pimento
Asparagus mormor, hay cheese.
The full assembly
Keith moon (The bread) and fresh lemon herb floral butter
Olive oil for me
2011 Alabriño, Bodegas Fefinanes
Princess has a fresh tomato, pear mint and pine salad
Limfjørd Oyster, Oyster leaf
2012 Mâcon-Verzé. Domaine Leflaive
2013 Ekam Castell D’Encus (remembering the 2011 from Mugaritz)
Mr. Paul Cunningham and the Princess… (Tip: follow him)
Scallop and roe. Artichoke & Olive
2012 Riesling, Ecker-Eckhof
Lemon Sole, ramson leaf. Lemon confit
Asparagus, smoked hollandaise. Lemon thyme
2007 L’Arcione La Tunella colli Orientali del Friuli
Lamb breads, mint’ed peas (Bouchee a’ la Henne)
2010 Hacienda Monasterio
Varde Ådal lamb. Aubergine and mountain herbs
Chézatte, Sancerre
6 cheeses
2011 Carte d’Or. Baumard
Rhubarbe, vinagre and confit ginger
Musscat Ruthergien Campbell’s
Milk, Jerusalem artichoke and dandelion root
Laphroaig toffee and lemon meringue pie

We go to bed shortly hereafter, full stomachs, happy and fortunate to have been guests @ Henne Kirkeby Kro this evening. Some dishes were spectacular and others simply excellent.

The wines were more classical the we had seen recently, all joyful and matching without question. Service was impeccable skilled, friendly and flawless.

I also noted that this was a happy place were you more frequently could imagine interaction between guests and some tables being louder than others, a very perfect ambiance for a happy evening in the middle of somewhere.

A visit definitely worth a detour.

Lessons Learned
    • Paul Cunningham is as much a character as one could hope for… born for TV?
    • Kitchen is french based, but modernised and local.
    • Must travel more
    • Henne Kirkeby Kro, is country side.. with city prices:)
    • Life is good…. enjoy it

    Henne Kirkeby Kro,
    Strandvejen 234,
    6854 Henne,
    phn: +45 7525 5400
    mail: info@hennekirkebykro.dk

    Bonus package

    Another post about everything surrounding Henne Kirkeby Kro will be posted shortly as this one otherwise would be too long..
    Please comment and correct me below. 

    I am very interested to hear from those who reads my blog, also with ideas and wishes you might have… “humble thanks, beautiful ones ~ Paul and Co”

    thank you for visiting

    3 thoughts on “Henne Kirkeby Kro, Denmark – The Dinner

    1. Always wonderful to re-visit the meals and we do need to plan our return trip. The Princess : )


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