Restaurant Behrnt’s, Ballen Badehotel, Samsø – Denmark

Restaurant Behrnt’s was a lovely surprise on our Danish road-trip.

Samsø, a beautiful little island in the center of Denmark is famous for green living, ecological living, potatoes and much other good farm produce .

Below is one example how this can be cooked deliciously and consumed with great pleasure.

Short after our arrival starts the dinner
we are welcomed with warm bread and fresh local butter.
Salmon smoked in own oven, with fresh goats cheese and cucumber

Steamed white asparagus in season
2009, Vacqueyras, Domain de la Soléiade

Panfried Fois Gras on a bed of herbs (Pre consommé)
Braised Veal Brisket with asparagus, Potato puré, carrot and horseradish sauce
Creme brulee, Passion-fruit sorbet and Caramelized nuts

Liqourice cake, figs and Tonka icecream
My dear mother (Living on Samsø)

Classical, warm and cosy
All the food was delicious and with 3 courses costing 349 DKK (47 EUR). It is a real bargain.
I imagine it can be hard to be this ambitious on a smaller Danish island like Samsø with a 2013 population of 3806 People. But i surely hope they continue. At Behrnt’s restaurant I will promise you high quality ingredients, cooked perfectly with taste and texture you. Go and try!

Lessons Learned

  • We have a new place to return to when visiting Samsø (in english: Samsoe)
  • Local life always has hidden treasures
  • Life is good…

Åvej 21
DK-8305 Samsø
Phn:   (+45) 8659 1799


Always remember

Please comment and correct me below. 
I am very interested to hear from those who reads my blog, also with ideas and wishes you might have…

And dear mother.. in the comments section below you can make a discrete link to advertise you large house which could be reformed into the next good restaurant on Samsø?

thank you for visiting!

2 thoughts on “Restaurant Behrnt’s, Ballen Badehotel, Samsø – Denmark

  1. Oh we are on Samso the next week 😉 has your mother maybe her little restaurant 😉 maybe do you have some nice recommendations for good bread and coffee? Have a great day!


  2. Hi Susanne

    Thank you for the comment, No my mother only has her simple and affordable B&B –

    Tip's I have from Samsø
    Another good restaurant opened in Ballen a few weeks after our visit and looks very interesting:
    Restaurant SAK:
    I believe you get good bread @ bageriet in Ballen (but have not tried myself:)
    What looks to have a great coffee and cake with heart is Ilse Made but again It wasn't open
    Have fun and nice travels



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