La Porto Pollo – Oysters and more in Sete, France

As a group we first visited the Noilly Prat factory in Marsellian and next the Mediterranian village of Sete. Most wanted Oysters and seafood, so we stop at La Porto Pollo.

Driving into Sete you see the oyster farms in the bassin of Thau, so this is what I want today

2013 Picpoul de Pinet is the wine for Oyesters here
Les Huîtres de Bouzigues

Côtes de Thau red wine for some friends

Tomatoe with Goats Cheese and Salad
Brochettes des Gambas

Sèche grillée

I had Moules farcies à la sètoise for main
La Porto Pollo gets my recommendation, a simple restaurant. Service worked and the oysters where very fresh. The Moules farci was also good.
Easily a place i could eat again, Prices were good, wine was cold and we were all happy

Lessons Learned
  • They have fresh and delicious oyster in Sete
  • PicPoul is a great wine for sea food
  • Life is good….
17 Quai Gen Durand
34200 Sete 

Bonus package

Walk around art exhibition, entry door painting
Canal of Sete
Sete Fisherbird
Sete Scavenger bird


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