Lammefjordens Spisehus @ Dragsholm slot, Good food and beautiful views


Dragsholm castle and eatery is located on the Northwestern Sealand, Denmark. I had heard nothing about this place before Whiteguide mentioned it.

I have very little knowledge and experience of Sealand outside Copenhagen so I was looking forward to our overnight stay in Dragsholm before continuing to Samsoe. 
Dragsholm castle was finished first in 1215, today it is renovated inside out and has two restaurants, fine dining and a eatery (Brasserie). 
We have booked a room with spa and 3 course dinner in the eatery for the reasonable price of 1245 dkk 
per person (166€) incl. breakfast. This was the visit
View from Room
Table decoration in vague Danish spring light
Princess Anne
Fresh bread and butter
2012 Alameda rosé, Cab sav, Merlot, central Valley, Chile
Snack of herbs, bread and dip and something more below
Salad with cured meat, carrots, dill, onion and more
Sometimes you forget what it was, also a reason for What2how2 – Fish/Salmon?
Princess had chicken with vegetables
2008 Barolo, Le Radici (The roots)
Sunset pause before the desert
Pears in cream
2012 Vignes du Prieuré, Chateau Gigongnan
Passing the court before bedtime
Our recent visits @ Noma and Frederiksminde has set a very high level, Dragsholm comes in fine in this company and considering the price, this surely is a good visit. I look forward returning a day when the fine dining restaurant is open to see if they will deliver on all senses.

The room was beautiful, reception warm, service friendly and fast, this is a very good address and just 1 hour from Copenhagen, should you need a weekend away.

Lessons Learned
  • When I was very young, we had a summerhouse in this area
  • There a many lovely semi secret hideaways in Denmark
  • New Nordic cuisine is moving west, here halfway to Jutland
  • Life is good, road trips too…

Dragsholm slot
Dragsholm Allé
4534 Hørve

+45 5965 3300

Bonus package
From the castle overlooking our room and Lammefjorden behind
Breakfast, fresh juice, eggs and charcuterie
Please comment and correct me below. 
I am very interested to hear from those who reads my blog, also with ideas and wishes you might have… 
thank you for visiting


2 thoughts on “Lammefjordens Spisehus @ Dragsholm slot, Good food and beautiful views

  1. Dear Anonymous,
    Sorry for the late reply and not sure if you will see this feedback.

    The question you pose is very open and I find difficult to answer.
    There are so much good wine in the world and my taste change all the time, It changes because we live, we taste, listen and not least because we learn.
    Short general answer would be to start with big grapes: Riesling, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc for whites, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Merlot and Syrah for Reds.

    Today I find the best wine's to be fitting to the situation and with a good story attached aka completely subjective.
    The best wine is when:
    – It is tasting great (which is subjective)
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    Current 2014 shortlist is
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    Whites: Sancerre, New Zealand, Australia
    But really this a really, really shortned list.

    Have fun and great experiences


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