Told og Snaps, Copenhagen, Denmark

You know I really like good Smørrebrød and so does the Princess. This time we visited Told and Snaps in Copenhagen. And I promise you that this is a classic and safe bet when visiting.
It even comes recommended by Rene Redzepi of NOMA

It is day 5 on the danish road trip, We have eaten well so far. Today we are scheduled to reach dinner at Dragsholm slot, but first  I have set us up to meet my good colleague in Copenhagen center.

The entrance is a small step down into a half cellar and  very close to New habour (Nyhavn).

Classic and stylish entrance

We are early but when in Denmark, it is better than late!

Beer from Braunstein in Køge, Princess get’s a tester before ordering – Perfect

My colleague arrives, food is ordered and starts arriving…..

Herring with Apple, Horseradish, red onion and cress
Which is matched to a home blend, Apple and Raspberry Aquavit

Daily special: Christiansø Herring, Tomato, being served with Braunstein,
Aquavit of Heath (LyngAquavit)
Egg, hand shelled Greenland Shrimps cress and mayo
Pan fried Plaice, shrimp and tartar sauce

Liver pate, bacon, beetroot, Pickle cucumber
Beef Brisket, boiled in brown ale, Relish and horse radish
All the plates were delicious. Classics made with love and quality ingredients. Not necessarily inventive like Aamanns or Ida Davidsen, but plentiful, very tasty and fresh!
Did I mention that Told & Snaps have an impressive selection of Aquavit?
And I do find it advisable, that if you research a little, book ahead then you will reach some of the same conclusions Impeccable service, beautiful food.
Lessons Learned
    • Visiting Copenhagen on a sunny day is underrated.. go do it.
    • Told & Snaps will be revisited.. a lovely address with good food.
    • The harbor cruise tour we took after lunch is really worth it (40DKK)
    • Life is good… (and I did not consider this overlap with LG before yesterday)

    Restaurant Told & Snaps
    Toldbodgade 2
    1253 København K

    PHN: +45 3393 8385

    Bonus package
    Around the corner you find the Copenhagen Opera House


    Please comment and correct me below. 
    I am very interested to hear from those who reads my blog, also with ideas and wishes you might have…
    Where do you get the finest open sandwiches / smørrebrød ?
    and thank you for visiting

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