Champagne tasting @ La bulle de Vin, Luxembourg

La Bulle de Vin is the new wine bar in town – champagne is its specialty.

 We are on the way to dinner and make our first short stop at the new winebar/ restauration – La Bulle de Vin. This is our recommendation to give them a visit.

The Flower
Bright and pleasing interior
Floating bottle, but not bubbles
A small snack of fresh bread and anchovy butter
Blanc de Noir, Pierre Paillard
Claude Gargals Grand Cru

My favorite was – Waris Larmandier

Cordon Bleu by Venoge
And a Rosé from Waris-Larmandier

Princess does like her Champagne
Bubbles and three colors, not Red, White and Blue

La bulle de Vin is also a restaurant with daily changing menu and easy bites for the small hunger.

Lessons Learned
  • La Bulle de Vin is a good visit, Fair pricing and good selection
  • Champagne is always interesting, complex and delicious
  • I am still very happy for our own Thierry-Perrion
  • Life is good….
24 rue de l’Eau
L-1449 Luxembourg
+ 352 28 48 00 95 

2 thoughts on “Champagne tasting @ La bulle de Vin, Luxembourg

  1. I have to say that I find their service terrible and the appetizer really bad. Maybe they had a bad day.


  2. Sorry saw your comment this late.. Bad service also from what2How2. I only write about positives and I like this place. Generally I accept a bad day, but rarely more than two.. Places also change over time. They improve, get worse but basically I look for heart and passion and I think this place have passion.

    Thank you for the comment I really appreciate it.


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