La Cristallerie, Luxembourg

La Cristallerie is located in the beautifully renovated Hotel Place d’Armes in the absolute center of Luxembourg.

This evening we had already had a Champagne Tasting (why the pictures are 2nd grade) – but I had looked forward to this visit for quite a while.. so let’s get started

Local white wine from Mathis Bastian
or fine Champagne
A plate with lovely finger snacks
Leather bound book
4 butters for the bread
Winter vegtables
2012 Pouilly-Fuisse
Fois Gras
Coteaux De L’Aubance
2011 Corbieres
Saint- Jacques and truffle
2011 Pepper and earth
? Has escaped my memory – I think excellent Pluma Iberique
2010 Muscat
A sweet in between
Layers of sorbet
Pineapple as lactose free alternative
Followed by a cookie for the coffee

We had a lovely evening – tasty food in a beautiful setting. Chef Fabrice Salvador has orchestrated a delicious dinner with quality produce and plenty of tastes.
The service was really friendly and capable albeit also a little confused among others with our allergies and intolerance’s and I would also like to see more fluidity in general.

 Lessons Learned
  • Cristallerie is a good address in the city of Luxembourg
  • I Still need to work on camera skills (and possibly note taking)
  • I shall stay in the language of the table to the extent possible
  • Life is good… 
Hotel Le Place d’Armes
18 place d’Armes
L-1136 Luxembourg
Tel: +352 27 47 37 / Fax: +352 27 47 38

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