Le Zai, Asian eating in Luxembourg

One of our favorite Asian restaurants in Luxembourg is Le Zai

When Le Zai opened sometime in 2008/2009?, The princess and I were living just behind it, literally looking into the garden from our balcony.
At that time it was a revelation for Luxembourg “city”. A new Asian cuisine, where the deep fryer takes backstage – replaced by slow food and home made specialties. It very fast became one of our regular haunts.

We have since moved to the other side of Luxembourg, but Saturday we revisited during our food shopping tour for New Year, this is the story…..
Interior dark and warm

The menu is so well priced we have no real alternatives to taking it (3 course and house wine for 35€)
The Princess is happy

Not a super Tuscan, but absolutely fine and refreshing
Amuse arrives, a Salmon salad
The home made Dim Sum are always excellent here
While I have the seven colours of sushi
Both of us go for the house special – Canard de Zheng – Peking duck

classic serving: hoisin sauce, cucumber and spring onion
Today’s table flower
And the house kindly replaced the dessert with good Illy coffee
Although I understand and know both from previous visits and Tripadvisor that quality of both food and service can be uneven, I will still strongly recommend Le Zai. 
I just hope they will ensure the freshest ingredients and proper training to the staff before either meet the clients.
Today , their Peking duck was excellent and both service and sushi was equally good. We will be back.

Lessons learned

  • Le Zai is alive and still relevant
  • Peking duck is deliciousness on a plate
  • Life is good


273 Route D’Arlon

L-8011 Strassen
+352 27397476


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