What 2 – Fräulein Burger, Forget the chains in Berlin, Germany

Another day, another burger 2 recommend. Fräulein Burger makes them classical on locally sourced ingredients

Some say I eat burgers too often, but how can I help myself when they are so good… Today by Fraulein Burger they are fresh, local and unconditionally with Bio products… lovely

How to make a diner young, European and a little feminine
Cheese burger for the Princess
A slider to share, homemade fries and homemade ketchup

And then the unusual Vegan option for me today

And directions
I am very pleased to see so many good eateries in Berlin. Fresh ingredients and good prices makes you wonder how the chains are surviving in Berlin.. must be the tourists?

Lessons learned

  • There are plenty good eateries in Berlin
  • One must not visit the Bird for a burger
  • Life is still good…
Koppenplatz 1

D-10115 Berlin

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