What 2 – Noma – What a day in Copenhagen, Denmark

Noma – 2 stars by Michelin and 2nd best by San Pellegrino’s 50 list.
After our recent visits to Mugaritz (4) and Quique Dacosta (26), we had very high expectations… or was set up for disappointment – what would YOU expect?

You have all heard about Noma, so here’s a story from a recent visit…

While taking a picture of the entrance logo

A good part of the Team assembles to receive you
Efficiently seated – Jesper does not know what to expect
Neither does the Princess and I
So here’s our table accessory
Clean your hands before the finger food arrives
Gooseberry and elderflower – acid wake up cleansing
Together with crisp Champagne – Sainte Anne
Nordic Coconut – Kohlrabi and Nordic herbs
Moss and cep
Talks of Blackcurrant
Black Currant berry and roses – Taste explosions in the mouth
Cheese cake
Cake with speck and Blackcurrant
Close-up – on Vesterbotten and Prästost from Sweden – delicious they said
Smoked and pickled quails egg
Caroline is our gracious and smiling host
Monkfish liver and caramelized milk
While I enjoy the sea-Buckthorn, with rose leaves
Æbleskiver and greens
Fantastic green content in a little too much æbleskive
Sea Urchin below caramelized Ducksfat
And Swedish Truffles for the Princess
Pike head, Chin, eye and neck… Chin tasted best
Burnt leek
Delicious burnt leek
Bread, Butter butter, rapeseed oil and pork fat indicate the end of finger food
Very good bread
2011 Mon Blanc des Molières, Beaujolais
Squid and Broccoli in oil in Ice
They have Cucumber and dill, cream and elderflower
2011 Festejar, Auvergne, France
2009 Epidote, Champagne without bubbles for the Scallops
Dried scallops, and bio dynamic grains
2009 Epidote, Touraine-Loire
Onions and fermented pears
2009 Karmin 3, Steirmark, Austria
Beets and aromatic Herbs
2009 Rkatsitli, Georgia
Roasted Cauliflower and pine
2009 Chardonnay Vin de Voile, Jura
Bleak roe and Potato
A proper knife
2011 Le Ponge, Anjou – Loire
Wild duck, Pear and kale – tender and tasty
André Beaufort, Ambonnay- Champagne
2010 Le Demi Doux des Blanderies, Anjou – Loire
Potato and plum
a Danish for the coffee
Potato crisp in chocolate and herbs
Pork rind and chocolate
Finished by a visit to to kitchen
And the important Weber’s in the rear
Upstairs they start early in the school of life with the nitty gritty
And looping to the start, tonight’s Blackcurrant berries are drying
Observations compared to what I might have expected:
1. little cheese in the dishes – (finger food cookies was the exception)
2. No Scandinavian wine (Beer or aquavit)

A fabulous meal, an experience from which one can learn many lessons.
Lessons in produce, hospitality and habits. The meal is at times more acidic than usual as some testers find..and so are the wines. And although a few plates tests your tolerance, all 3 of us thought the food was excellent (I subjectively count 13 fantastic plates above) and wine pairing too.

Lessons learned


    Strandgade 93
    DK-1401 Copenhagen K
    + 45 3296 3297

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