What 2 – Monsieur Vuong, Vietnam found in Berlin Germany

3rd time in Berlin, and 3rd time to visit the busy Vietnamese Monsieur Vuong.

Long opening hours and no possibility to reserve made this an obvious choice with our late Friday arrival in Berlin. Queue 10 minutes and then we are welcomed into the bustling restaurant.

Monsieur Voung has a small menu with the freshest Vietnamese dishes.  Low Prices and fast service makes this a very popular spot with both locals and tourists like ourselves.

Let’s have a look

The menu outside, so you can prepare for ordering
Goi WanTans

Cha Gio – Shrimp Rolls
Dui Ga Nuong – Beautiful Ginger chicken

món an môt ? – Nudel Salad

Pho – Soups are made in the bar
Fresh ingredients for the Lassi’s
Restaurant is still busy as we leave 23:02

Damage incl. a nice bottle of Provence Rose was negligible

I have recommend this place with plenty positive feedback since our discovery and my first Vietnamese experience in 2008. Even though the local foodies seems to have moved on, I still suggest a visit. 

It is busy and you might have to queue a short while… but they serve good food, service is friendly and prices fair.. what more do you want?

Lessons learned

  • Order Plenty cause it is good and cheap
  • Eating healthy can be comforting 🙂
  • Arriving around 21:36 the queue was +- 10 min.
  • Life is good…

Monsieur Vuong
Alte Schonhauser Str. 46
10119 Berlin

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