What 2 – Claire et Hugo…. Burgers and more in Troyes, France

Burgers..burgers… Everyone think they do a good burger – I say.. Only a few do – Claire & Hugo does a great one and it is good food. A top 3 burger in my life

On the road, looking forward to a weekend with our friends, knowledgeable good people with interest in wines and worlds. The princess had tasked me to find a road stop that would be fantastic, memorable while fair priced and not supplying too many drops to continue the 300 Km to destination Amboise, Touraine.

What could be better than this? Claire & Hugo: A passionate newly refurbished food truck serving lovingly made burgers and deserts of the highest quality and with reasonable prices…
2 Burgers a day, Today: Classique or Jean Paul
Local beers and delicious looking desserts – Princess did lack a wine option
The Food “Truck” a nicely rebuilt Berlin bus

Credit cards and clima, very high end truck service

First… early by plan and execution 🙂

Seated princess
Italian water?
and delicious local beer

Jean Paul and salad
Delicious Classique – going too fast
Position this day: 06:00 they post position on Facebook.. remaining free and flexible

If you see this.. follow it and you will eat well – bon app!
A lovely meal of spectacular quality and passion.
Food trucks are slowly arriving in Europe, this new generation “coming out of California”, can be recognized on their passion for high quality ingredients. Respect for both produce and product.
The Jean Paul burger is a special: Apples and Chaource cheese, walnut. Good, but a special…
The Classique was perfect: Moist tasty beef, airy brioche(not too sweet) with  Salad, tomato, caramelized onion and Parmesan cheese.
Lessons learned
  • Research almost always pays back
  • If passing Troyes…
  • Life is good
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