How 2 – Pintxos a walk with San Sebastian Food CO, Basque country – Spain

Donostia or San Sebastian, Basque country or Spain. One place with many names. A fantastic place it is. Food and hospitality – Friendly, Flavorful and full of surprises.
The Princess and I spent a few fantastic days here.

This is a story from Donostia – San Sebastian (Hereafter just: San Sebastian). It is about Pintxos (Tapas). It is also a story about the trip and a guided tapas tasting tour in the good company of Augustin Araquistain of San Sebastian Food.

To give a background + ideas for a trip: here’s the full itinerary:
1. We landed in Biarritz with Ryanair Saturday around noon.
2. Picked up a little Cabriolet in the nice 25 Celsius late October

     – And nice people @ Sixt upgraded us from Fiat 500C to a Golf Automatic
3. Retrieve rented apartment in San Sebastian Center
4. Dine @ Etxebarri, 1 hour’s drive towards Bilbao (separate post)
5. Sunday lunch @ Mugaritz,
6. Sunday 18:30 Tapas tasting tour with SanSebastianFood company (This post)

Pintxos is Basque for Tapas: Bite sized tastes.
The idea being: have a drink and a pintxo at a bar/restaurant then you walk to the next bar meet some new friends and repeat the exercise – and We do love to exercise 🙂

You can help yourself to a bite, ask for a plate (Plato) to make a selection or order from the kitchen look for the menu on the wall (Caliente = The warm stuff)

Info: We only ate almost everything photographed…. and worn out in the end 🙂

Here’s some impressions from San Sebastian Pintxos walking:

San Sebastian Food – 1st stop: Goiz-Bargi
Goiz-Bargi- Serving Cider
Scrimp and garlic
Goiz- Bargi: Pimentos de Padron
Goiz- Bargi: Tuna Pepper
Bar Munto
Goats cheese balsamico
Hanging Ham’s a familiar sight
a favorite: Borda Berri
Saizar – Cider
Excellent Fois
Anchovies in oil
Mushroom risotto
Borda berri Menu
Drinking Domus Dei
Next Up: Gandarias
Where we have a glass of Ribera del Duero
And a plate of Solomillo
Gandarias: Solomillo is a steak filet, and it is a thing of beauty !!!!
Atari:  almost next door is a modern place
Serving a slow cooked braised beef
And a glass of Valdepelayo
To go with the codfish
Going to La Vina:  have a sherry like drink?
To go with a light delicious cheese cake
As I must avoid lactose, I just have Pimentos once more 🙂

Many places were closed as Sunday evening might not the best nor the busiest days to visit.
Pintxos bar hopping is good fun and enough places were open both for us to fill the stomach and have many good experiences.

Take a walk or a tour with San Sebastian Food CO. Then I promise you will have a wonderful stay in the beautiful and friendly San Sebastian, even without doing your homework.

Lessons Learned
  • Still need more pictures with people… sorry
  • You CAN visit Mugaritz and go pintxos tasting afterwards… you’ll sleep well too.
  • Food tour with San Sebastian Food is educative, fun and social way – really recommended.
  • Life is good…
Adresses and Links (Map)
Calle Aldamar, 30, 20003 Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain

Goiz argi
Calle Fermin Calbeton 4, 20003 Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain
Bar Munto
Fermin Calbeton Kalea, 17, Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain

Borda Berri
Fermin Calbeton 12, 20003 Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain

C/ 31 de Agosta, 23, 20003 Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain

La Vina
C/ 31 De Agosto #3, 20003 Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain

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