How 2 – Mugaritz – Provokative experience – Basque Country, Spain

Since March had I looked forward to Mugaritz. What to expect? was it the best fine dining option for a perfect weekend….

20 Minutes with the taxi, inexpensive really and we arrive top of the hill in the small village. Skipping breakfast and sleeping late – we are now ready and hungry..

Having read a few reviews the recently, I have slightly lowered the expectations and am ready for anything.This is it:

The room – natural, modern and warm
We start with a Cava
Wine card, beautiful textured paper
1st amuse – Stew of weeds and crisp potatoes
2011 EKAM
fried herbs from the garden with clashing aromas
The other side
Everyone is invited into the kitchen for introduction
And the 2 amuse served in the kitchen – Turbot for me and Macaroon for her
Our menu, 22 courses combined out of this seasons 56
Pork rind and ink dip
Bone marrow on toast… I We liked it
Lamb tenderloin with red onion
Grilled endive and pumpkin paste
Fine details everywhere
Fermented Rice and radishes
or Fermented rice and lobster
Grilled Steak “tartar” with roe of Bream
Poultry joice with tofu & bonus Caviar
2009 Allende Blanco

Warm golden colour
Chestnut nougat and beef gelatine
Leeks and mochi leeks
Algueira – Pizarra 
Loin of Hake, tiger nut starch and concentrated clam juice
Iberian pork tail with sour leaves and creme fraice

Textures of coastal fish
2007 L’avi Arrufi
Sweetbread of suckling lamb with seasonal mushrooms
The stone, our special delivery for the princess
Close Up
Entrecula, Grilled steak
And the stone revealed, a potato
Mashed and dressed fruits. Concentrated melon juice
Below Muga on the ritz
Frozen almond turron
Sugar and cocoa
Roasted peach and “Rock tea”
Native Cocoa and salted Mexican pepper mint
Followed by the 7 sins for the coffee
Mignardise Manual
2008 Altos de Losada, El Bierzo
Baines Liqueur
Happy times
Gluttony, Greed or Lust.. I guess greed?
Another smiling staff member .. Thanks for impeccable service

A lovely afternoon, all 4 hours.. excellent friendly staff, good food, more tapas style… 22 plates is just enough…I will not reveal all the small games the restaurant plays with you..all I can say they apply an scientific and genderless approach to both food and service that requires you to be open minded.

Some reviews of Mugaritz have been hard, especially regarding the taste and presentation.. Most dishes we had were comforting good (My highest praise possible)… a few plates challenged us.(specifically the fermented rice), but good and bad is anyhow subjective and experience and value for money it was!

I recommend a visit..

Lesson Learned

  • Amazingly capable wine pairings and good value too
  • Some similarity with Quique Dacosta in the food style
  • Mugaritz is about having fun, trying new stuff – I like it!
  • Life is Good…


Otazulueta Baserria
Aludura Aldea 20, 20100,
Errenteria, Spain

t. +34 943 522 455

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