How 2 – Etxebarri, a wonderful and wood fired experience, (Basque Country, Spain)

Asador Etxebarri, world wide recognized – 44 by San Pellegrino – The best grilled meal in the world? for sure We have again put ourselves in a nice spot 🙂

It starts well rented convertible had taken us into the mountains from Donostia via the coast up into the mountains a beautiful drive deliberately along the slower coastal road. Sunny and 25 deg C. We arrive early, happy and thirsty – and We were only lost once.

Stepping into the bar, it is classic Spanish, tiled floor, stone walls and there is little clues towards the famous restaurant on the 1st floor.

So we have a glass of wine
And the Princess is happy

20:30 Clearly the first to arrive in the dining room

Esthetic simplicity rules here
Lactose Free menu for me
If you just ask for aqua con gas. the bring you this… Other tables had local water

Lovely hard crusted fresh bread

And on recommendation a Riesling with no labels, fresh and perfect for the fish

Table Orchid

ice cream…..Smoked

Iberico Chorizo for me

The best anchovy of my life

“Cracker” – grilled Mushrooms on thin bread

Shrimps, grilled with a slight smoke.

Butter… smoke

Tomato… The best tomato dish I have tasted in my life

Baby squid caramelized onion and ink

 I have Goose barnacles from Galicia…..

Which is a first… and I like it

Hake throat

Oyster with Seaweed

Oyster with Seaweed – unpacked

large Palamos Prawn – Grilled to perfection

Salt cod with brown pepper

Mushroom and eggplant

Pan Fried White truffle and egg yolk

2010 ACUSP – Going red

Red Sea Bram..

and vegetables

Followed by Chuleta (Beef chop)

and a well dressed fresh salad to cut the fullness
Ice cream on reduced milk and red fruit
 Apple sorbet
Swiss roll with apple


For the coffee

Cafe Solo

An adventure – a wonderful meal. good service, unfussy – attention to details and the freshest and finest ingredients anywhere. We leave a a happy couple.. 2 people who had a delicious experience.

Lessons Learned
  • Pay attention to the difference between coal and wood on the BBQ
  • Very unpretentious and very good value @ 170€ per person all included
  • Clear philosophy and strong execution, appreciated
  • Life is good… 

 Plaza de San Juan, 1
48291 Atxondo, Bizkaia
(+34) 946 58 30 42

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