How 2 – Currymeister – Find the Currywurst, Luxembourg

To quote A. Bourdain – “As a longstanding fan of meat in tube form…..” – I am very happy to welcome and visit this newcomer to Luxembourg – the Currymeister

Following a recent pattern here (read: Lou’s Diner), they have placed themselves in perfect distance for you to fire up the gas sipping classic V8, race to the border station of Germany and here you will find the best selection of Curry wurst in Luxembourg.

Let’s have a look at this:

Modern Diner s½tyle
1st. decision: Currywurst(In Sauce) or Bratwurst (In bread)
2nd. choice: No alcohol so a local Rhubarb sugar drink this day
A Currywurst classic, fresh bread for the sauce & fries.
I need to test again, as these fries could be my favorite in Luxembourg

Another angle of sausage

This was a little while back (2 months+-), so while some details evades my memory – I can recommend the Currymeister outlet as I start craving another visit.

Much preferred over next door Burger King, I would be happy to see an expansion of this concept.

Lessons Learned
  • 4 Sausages, 3 sauces and 2 Methods.. very good french fries: Nice clean concept!
  • Fast food is getting better and better around here
  • Life is good…
Aire de Wasserbillig
L-6601 Wasserbillig
Tel.: +352 2769715
Fax: +352 27697159

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