How 2 – spend a weekend around Varese, Italy

On a recent weekend excursion to Gavirate. I had some very good food. 
Simple local and comforting – Here follows some impressions from 2 days in Northern Italy

The Princess, was flying to Greece via Milano and I joined on the first leg to meet our good friends and see how life is lived in this industrial region of Italy.

Here are some impressions from 3 different good meals: stop Pizzeria Daniele: Fried Pizza bread with Balsamico

Pizzeria Daniele: Nice and dry bubbles

Pizzeria Daniele: 2010 Barbera D’Asti – La Luna e I Falo

Pizzeria Daniele: Antipasti Della Casa: especially the Bresaola is magnificent here

Pizzeria Daniele: Vegtables, Grilled peppers, gherkins, pickled onions..

Pizzeria Daniele: and beautiful red chillies

Pizzeria Daniele: Moules

Pizzeria Daniele: Carpaccio

Pizzeria Daniele: Pizza Bedello

Pizzeria Daniele: Fritto Mixto
Day 2: Having a beer watching local Glider club being active
The beer – Angelo Poretti – 3 Wolves?

Pizzeria Del Lago Antipasto Mare
Pizzeria Del Lago Bresaola Ruquette and a good Grana

Pizzeria Del Lago: Followed by Linguini Vongole Zuchini

Pizzeria Del Lago: Spagetti Aglio, Olio Peperoncini

2Day Evening: Pizza Time (Again)

Ristorante Vecchio Ottocento: My Friend having Burrata

Ristorante Vecchio Ottocento:And I the special Pizza Leo

It is felt in the region that we are close to the mountains, a good joy of food – generous portions, Meat and cheeses. The food is affordable, unfuzzy but made with lots of love.

Pizzeria Daniele and Pizze of Veccio Ottocento are strong recommendations.

Lessons Learned
  • Pizza’s atVecchio Ottocento is by the 2013 competion winner of Parma World Pizza Championship
  • Dinner for 4 @ Pizzeria Daniele including 2 bottles of wine, coffee and more 113€ – that’s value.
  • Bresaola can be magnificent, and I will stop buying it pre-packaged
  • Life is good…
 Links and Addresses

Pizzeria Daniele 
Via giuseppe garibaldi, 50  
21025 – Comerio (VA) 
tel: 0332.732490 

Ristorante Vecchio Ottocento
Viale ticino, 37b
21026 – Gavirate (VA)
tel: 0332.747570

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