How 2 – Speceriet – The place you want for lunch (Stockholm)

Gastrologik has a little sister – which is Speceriet. Here you will get food that has been loved – tasty slow food that fills you stomach for minimum cost of time or money.

Arriving, We once again notice the Stockholm phenomena of community dining. Simplicity is key.. knives and forks are on the table and you pay by the counter when leaving. A new no nonsense is taken to the next level.. Stockholm seems intent on having faster turnaround for benefit for both business and guest.

The menu is ready:

The Menu .. Personally surprised / shocked by lack of starters …  can we survive?

Princess is happy / not nervous
Maybe she saw the selection of beers?
Butter came with nice fresh sourdough bread
Copper lamps
Partial self service
We stay on the path of rosé, here a perfectly chilled Franck Millet, Sancerre
Braised Chuck steak with girolles, white cabbage and bechamel sauce
Roasted swedish chicken with salad, sweet onion and Mayo
And a good espresso as dessert
Beautiful wine cooler
Dish of the day being picked up – take away 95kr / 11€ !
Street terrace

In total including coffee and a bottle of wine we ended at 93€ for 2 pers. Nothing to complain about there when you include the wine.
And food was simple, slow food, cooked with love… salad dressing was spot on, so was the Chicken and Mayo. The chuck Steak was filled to the brink with flavor.

Lessons Learned

  • You cannot always have a starter
  • 4 mains on the menu, 2 tested and delicious and price quality were excellent
  • Gastrologik is added on our todo..

  • Official: Speceriet
  • Blog: Zwampen 2012 
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