How 2 – Travel alone? – Matbaren – Mathias Dahlgren (Stockholm)

Matbaren is the 2nd restaurant of Mathias Dahlgren. Awarded 1 star by Michelin it is not a lightweight as you might think from the pictures… and It is well worth a visit.

It was Monday, the Princess was busy @ home and sent me out roaming the streets.
I started 10AM with a Free tour of Stockholm and as came to a finish it was time to look for a simple lunch.
Just around the corner I found this little restaurant which were rumored to have good food and not necessarily reservations needed.. i peeked in.

Matbaren / (The Food Bar) is a brasserie by Mathias Dahlgren it is awarded 1 star by Michelin and a very impressive 88 Masterclass by White Guide.

Interior is warm modern – the reception “Single Sans Reservation” is impeccable. seated by the bar I fast notice that service is swift, attentive and very capable.

Let’s have a look at the pictures:

All the tools are prepared including some fresh “Knäcke bröd” in the bag dated today

I am one of the first in the room – my primary view

2012 cuvée Bistrologie by L’Ange Vin

Lovely looking butter is swapped for oil on my request (Lactose intolerance)

The kitchen is gearing up
And people are arriving

First I order, leaves, shots and herbs from Ugglarp

Vinegar and local rapeseed oil arrives

And shortly after the lovely salad

I see an opportunity to swap for the next dish, this is India Pale ale from Stockholm Brewing Co.

Which is Fried Potatoes, Baked egg, Parsley, chantarelle and garlic – Comfort @ its best
A Creamy concoction on Cod an Scrimp – light and perfect interim
A danish beer – “The American Dream” by Mikkeller
Followed by Dish of the day: Fried Witch, cucumber, Potatoes with dip
Not knowing when I would have a chance to be back I might have overindulged a little… resulting in a bill a little heavier than usual. Prices are in the upper end but in no way unreasonable with dishes between 15-35€.
There is a choice and portions are medium sized. Ingredients are of a Very high quality.
Lessons Learned
  • Interesting to order dish by dish.. as my choice were different than if I ordered in advance
  • The bar setting is excellent if you are alone and good if you are two
  • Fast service: Order and the food arrives in +-2minutes.. so you decide 
  • I hope to be back another time.. a clear recommendation
  • Life is good….

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