How 2 – enjoy fish – Melanders – Waxholm & Täby Centrum

Melanders Fisk is a chain restaurant, but they keep a constant high standard at reasonable prices and are therefore met by our regular visits.

Here are 2 reviews in one – Melanders in Täby Centrum and Melanders in Waxholm. There are similarities and big differences between them.. but both visits where a success.

First Melanders Fisk : Restaurant and shop in Täby Centrum

The now familiar Toast Skagen.. good but mayo a little overruling

Pan Fried Zander, almond potatoes, warm beetroot, capers and plenty fresh horseradish

Poached Cod, scrimps, Horseradish and clarified butter

And in beautiful Waxholm:

Jesper in the view
Again both shop and restarant
The Menu is shorter than in Tøby C – probably due to limited kitchen size

Driver having a Lätt Øl – 2 others wine by the glass

Omnipresent Toast Skagen

Or Shrimp on luke warm fresh soft sweet and lovely dark bread
Plate of 4 herrings, västerbotten cheese and Boiled fresh potato

Cold poached Salmon with sweet pickled cucumber and dill mayonnaise

Melanders chain is covering 7 shops with restaurants but is also related to Ulla Winbladh, Wedholms fisk and several others. Melanders is the low key one… where good food is served without fuss.
We keep coming back, because the food is always good and the people are knowledgeable and friendly.

Lessons Learned

  • Melanders delivers again and again
  • I prefer the larger menu in Täby centrum
  • The Melanders group is larger than i thought
  • Life is Good…

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