How 2 – Dine with friends – Oaxen Slip (Stockholm)

Oaxen has recently moved to Stockholm, It’s a 2in1 – Fine dining (Krogen) and Gastro brasserie called (Slip’en) – We visited Slipen.

We arrive early for 7PM dinner.. I have high expectations .. Bloggers and papers alike have praised Oaxen since opening May this year.
Already on arrival the house bustling with people.. the ambiance is good and we are in for a treat:

Oaxen Krog & Slip
The other direction
2012 Sicilian Susucaru Rosé on the terrace
Jesper is maybe starting to feel the hardship of vacationing?
2012 Arianna Occhipinti SP68
Chopped egg with lumpfish roe, Dijon mustard, sour cream & tarragon with flat bread
Roasted ox marrow with Oaxen bacon, parsley & lemon
Deep-fried cod with tartar mayonnaise
Our table – service is fast in a good way
Tartar of topside with Dijon mayonnaise, sour cream & sourdough croutons – A must try
Oaxen smoked prawn with aioli – House special?
Deep-fried crab cakes with sesame, coriander, bean curd & fennel
French fries – really, really, really good ones
Horseradish pickled vegetables
Roasted beets with goats’ chevre and capers vinaigrette
2010 Barbera D’alba – Gens Hoelia
A room full of happy people? I think so.
There’s not so much to say, Oaxen get my strongest recommendation, not just for foodies, but for every adult of any kind. Prices are very reasonable on the food – (Wine is reasonable for Sweden)

Lessons Learned

  • Community tables are big in Stockholm… and fun
  • Sharing plates is great
  • Best fries of my life… = 2 portions
  • Super service
  • Loved it.. life is good!


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