What 2 – Husmanskost @ Ulla Winbladh, (Stockholm)

Husmanskost at Ulla Winbladh is all about simple and well cooked quality food. 
It is also a summer haunt popular with local and foreign tourists like ourselves. 

 Jesper and I have walked from the Subway @ Östermalm and despite the overindulgence yesterday, We started to be hungry again.

Ulla Winbladh in this form has existed since 1992, situated in a nice location on Djurgården. good food and consistent, a safe choice for business, tourist and family gatherings.

Choice of restaurants and more
We have choosen Ulla Winbladh
As well as Loimer Gruner Veltliner from Austria
2013 Bread basket
Kalix Løjrom for some Princess
Pan fried herring, fresh potatoes, dill and creme Fraice
+ marinated herring in 4 ways for me
Classic Fois Gras (Gåsleverterrine)
And a Sweden in season – Toast girolles (Kantarell toast)
Still Austrian, Still Loimer.. now Rosé
And a smart little guide, Food in 8 languages
The Queen is in good form.
2006 Cabernet Sauvignon from Heitz, Napa Valley
Biff Rydberg – a Swedish classic, Steak bites, caramelized onions, egg yolk and more
Baltic herring Bellman style with mashed potatoes, lingonberries (out of view) and melted butter
Løvbiff – thin Steak, sauce, horseradish and egg.
Our sweet host for the day
Choccolate Truffle
The summer Terrace

A lovely lunch, good food, some excellent… lövbiff and biff rydberg had great potential just ask for medium rare, as ours was cooked a little to much for our bloody french habit and as I mentioned this after the fact.. I had 2 pieces of steak cooked just for retry.. they were excellent moist and tender.

Note: Ulla Winbladh is also very welcoming to the little ones.

Lessons Learned
  • Best heering plate this year – outstanding
  • All portions are generous and pricing is good to reasonable.
  • Sometimes it is fun to splash a little on the wine.. this time the Cab Sav.
  • Life is good….
Bonus pack (from after lunch walk on Skansen)

One thought on “What 2 – Husmanskost @ Ulla Winbladh, (Stockholm)

  1. I was searching for Ulla Windbladh but couldn't find it 😦 But I spent time at the beautiful Skansen Park; such an amazing location. I am also going to do an extensive post on it.


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