Enjoy sushi @ Råkultur (Stockholm)

Sweden is in love with sushi – and among the +- 300 Sushi restaurants around Stockholm – Råkultur is a testament to this. Non traditional, modern Swedish fusion sushi.

Råkultur is a (Little) sister to the famous Esperanto.. it is a modern Sushi restaurant. Takes no reservation.. just show up.. wait and you will be seated. I found this in the White guide and was very excited to my first Sushi experience in the Sushi capital of Europe.
As usual the Princess requires an unusual amount of Veggie and meat options so we order with good guidance.
Moriawase 15 + Maki Salmon + White Asparagus + Steak Tatar + 4 x Gunkan Exclusive + 1 Nigri Halibut

Last check – We are staring hungrily while waiting for a seating
Princess is happy even before we begin
Unusual and very interesting menu
The Kitchen in action
2011 Riesling Kabinett from Dr. Loosen, can’t go wrong in Mosel
Our sushi tasting collection is served on 1 Plate
Soya Lacquering tools
Another Angle – Tatar on the right
All good
Yet another angle
Enough now… getting hungry
last bites … It was all good
Logo is shaking on the wall.. indicating it is now late

Stockholm is never a cheap date (and We arrived rather well nourished this day).
None the less, plenty of food and the drink necessary was all sorted for 1300 SEK / 150€ aka so @ 50€ per person this was remarkable value.
Lessons Learned
  • I need more sushi in Stockholm… next time
  • I like experimental/changes to traditions
  • Råkultur is a definitive recommendation.. excellent experience and well priced
  • I need to do some practice with the new travel camera Fujifilm X20
  • Life is good

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