How 2 – Visit the neighbour La Distillerie – Chateau Bourglinster

This time at @ the Michelin starred “La Distillerie” – What a meal.

Not long.. or according to Foursquare.. 2 months since last visit at Chateau Bourglinster and on this  Surprise Sunny Saturday – We are back.
I have the idea that René Mathieu is running one of the absolute strongest kitchens in Luxembourg, so it is with high expectations and excitement We arrive.
Finding the way

Laherte Fréres, Chavot, Brut – Bubbles for the Princess
2011 – Gavoty, Provence – Pink for me

Les Apéricubes – Salmonified trout, Apple, Ananas and Fois G. Chocolat
Fois Gras, Chocolat, Pastiche, Apricot .. and gold?

Butter and oil

Olive bread – Warm and nice – from the freezer

Veggie snacks
Orchid @ table
2010 Muscat Ottonel – Remerschen
Amuse 3 – fresh water fish – Eel ,Trout and a little smoke
Asparagus In many ways

Asparagus Manual

Asparagus Emulsion
2 Glasses of secrets (and a little confusion as We thought we had the same)
Fois Gras, Strawberries and rhubarb – star of the day according to Anne
Langoustine, peas and raspberry, wow
carpaccio d’Langoustine
Rhubarb for the Fois Gras
2009 Vouvray – crisp and strict
Turbot and some mushrooms
2001 Chateau Pauqué – Chardonnay
2009 Conte de Floris – Languedoc
lamb and friends…
Onion shell with bacon – I like
1996 – Chateau Reynon
Beautiful yellow color
Before deserts desert
And senses
More Fruits
2nd dessert
Princess A is pleased – should this be a 2 star?


No Cheese for us – The neighbors roll out the cart and it looks GOOD


Nips for coffee, memories of a place in Bordeaux

What 2 improve (In my humble opinion)
  • Turbot was slightly well done
  • Room is a little cold – you feel a little exposed… whispering
  • Kitchen is Not local / molecular / vegetarian…. what is it?.. do We want a distinct? or is it simply not like the others 🙂
Lessons learned
  • La Distillerie is going strong.. maybe best kitchen in Luxembourg
  • Liked the blacked out glass and drinking guess game
  • Twice the price of an “average” Luxembourg meal this is good value!
  • With some work I think We have Michelin 2 star quality
  • It’s cool to eat well – Quote “Princess A”
  • Life is good

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