How 2 – Danish Deli: Eat Danish in Luxembourg

There’s a new deli in town: Danish Deli
Scandinavian cuisine has some unique elements that we Europeans born in the north sometimes miss.

In Luxembourg we have Scanshop and Dania where we can shop the daily items and presents that makes life fun and a little recognizable.

Today I present a new member of the family in Luxembourg – the Danish Deli , which has a strong focus on Scandinavian food.. with keywords like high end quality, ecology and primarily Danish.
The Deli is situated center center on 3, rue Beck, Luxembourg city.

I recommend you to go there and have a look at some of the best produce sold out of Denmark… herring, beer, salmon, liquorice and aquavit, very good bread and more.

Our first visit was on the first deli (kitchen) opening day – and brunch was the only option

Egg and Bacon – Heering and “rullepølse” left and rear
Two Cheeses
For the sweet tooth

 and Friday I went for lunch with my colleague – We shared:

Fur Frokost – a tasty lunch beer with only 2.6% alc.
3 Herrings, homemade Fresh bread and apple curry
4 x open sandwiches (Håndmadder / The simple ones)
Salmon / Egg & Schrimp / Chicken Salad / Roastbeef
Lessons Learned
  • The brunch plate was too sweet for me.. like savory better
  • Luxury products do not come cheap
  • Breads, beer and fish etc. at a high quality level
  • Nice addition to lunching in Luxembourg. I really enjoy open sandwiches
  • It’s a friendly shop – go have a look.. taste the liquorice.. buy a bread!
  • Life is good – appreciate, thanks 🙂

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