How 2 – Devour Discovery – Ma Langue Sourit.

In Moutfort, behind the Airport and Sandweiler lies our local star.
Overlooked by many due to its discrete presence – I can guarantee….

Ma Langue Sourit and friends  = A very good evening

Ma Langue Sourit can be translated into: my tongue smiles – and its a very well chosen name for one of my favorite Luxembourg restaurants.

Chef Cyril Molard and his team have created a little universe where the place, food and interior comes together both as a surprise and in harmony.

This evening we make it difficult, @ the table – we have 1 Pescatarian, I am lactose intolerant and the princess has warned of her fish allergies… but we are out for a treat 🙂

A trademark start.. the champagne cart.. les Cart des bulles
Maison Deutz – Brut.
Surprise menu..
5 Snacks to start… 
2010 Riesling Ahn Palmberg
Paté of hare and fois gras of duck- different delicious condiments
Vegtables for Pescatarian
Fresh Aparages and ris de veau
Or Lobster version
vegtables and monk fish
2010 PSI, Spain
Chosen as the European born in Italy needed introduction to “Danish” Wine making 🙂
Mackerel, onion and Beetroot sorbet as an inbetween
Angus roasted with Szechuan pepper, potatoes, mushroom etc
Or the Fera Lake fish with Lime
Fletan on the wall – Atelier Toma

8 cheese and 3 chutneys on the table
producing cheese on the plate
Rhubarb and more as a lactose free alternative
Marinated Strawberrys, white chocolate, crispy Sesame sablé and lovely herbs sorbet
and many little dots of taste
Small oven for the coffee
I have a personal plate of Lactose less Petit Four
Chef Cyril Molard @ 1 AM.

Thank you friends for joining and

The friends are happy
And folly

Lessons Learned
  • M.L.S. gets stronger and is a definite star on my Luxembourg sky
  • Vegetables, fish and seasonality is the trademark of M.L.S.
  • A lot of taste lies in the hard work behind the small drops
  • Rolled Rhubarb was my favorite single surprise tonight
  • Everyone adored the paintings of  TOMA
  • Life is good…

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