How 2 Eat the best Sushi in Luxembourg -Yamayu Santatsu

Sometimes It is time for a sushi fix…. Yamayu Santatsu is best in Luxembourg.

I arrived in Luxembourg 2001… maybe it was 2003/4 before i learned to eat sushi and for quite a while We frequented Neo Tokyo for our fix of Salmon an Tuna.

Today and since a long while Yamayu Santatsu is our favorite sushi place in Luxembourg. Here you will find the classic good quality with an unbeatable stability.. but… book a table and don’t expect star service or decor.

The Chef
Counter……Tuna and…
2011 – La Lampe de Méduse – Chateau Sainte Roseline
Grilled squid
Kappa maki – cucumber
Califonia Maki
Shrimp – Sea Bream – Tuna – Makarel
Yamayu Santatsu

Yamayu Santatsu is the “classic” corner sushi shop and still my favorite.. today rice and fish where perfect. Are you fond of sushi.. this is the place I recommend in Luxembourg…

Historically very overlooked is also the beautiful tasty comfort food from the warm kitchen.. a strong reason to be 4 or 6 at the table, so you can order and share over the table…

Other reviews are Michelin and FWR and as the restaurant is basically

Lessons Learned

  • Many reviewers online are disappointed over service, decor and space.. so you are warned
  • We have a new 5€ note
  • A unexpected tip on where to find the best Chinese food .. so stay tuned 🙂
  • Perfect to end a friday on rosé and lovely fresh sushi
  • Life is good…
We got to see the new 5€ note in action

4 thoughts on “How 2 Eat the best Sushi in Luxembourg -Yamayu Santatsu

  1. Yes, Neo was a great place! Yamayu is good but I equally like Kamakura and AKA Cite… Great review and thanks for providing me with the first glimpse of the new 5 Euro bill.



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