How 2 find a hidden place – Pavillon Madeleine – Kayl

Pavillon Madeleine is another widely unknown gastro bistro in Luxembourg.. at least so I think because it is not centered, nor in walking distance from where We live…. But I recommend it.

Pavillon Madeleine – Gastro Bistro under the wings of Lea Linster

We have been a few times last year and it is still in our books due to several good qualities.

Food is simple, good ingredients, comfort food. Many classics… a little reinvented maybe – a friendly wine card, service and an excellent terrace.
It is a place I want to go with friends on a sunny weekend… dine, laugh and have an extra glass while their kids enjoy the playground.

There was no menu, so today we take a 2 + maybe, starting with starter and main

First the ambiance.. middle of ?

Horses, donkeys and lamb next door

Everything in rust

I like the rusted metal… who was the architect?

Not a busy day – but free view from the restaurant into the kitchen…

Princess Anne

A nice touch

A table setting… got a sharp and lovely left handed photo 🙂

Aperitif.. Muscadet 2011 for Anne and local Pinot Gris, Thill for Me

Comfort food and reasonable pricing.

Amuse – Egg on bread.. so so

2 wines 1 color – nice

2011 Chateau La Tour Sainte Anne Provence Rosé

Asparagus and mousse line sauce, very nice but not photogenic

Tatar of Icelandic salmon with watercress and beetroot – lovely in both taste and presentation

Parmentier au confit de canard (Pie of duck confit?)
Really delicious and perfectly cooked… I would have added some sour to cut the fat and add color on the plate

Cod with Szechuan pepper, ginger and vegetables of the season
Cod was lovely.. vegetables somewhat average. 

Cafe Glacé

Lemon Sorbet

Lea Linster, Only woman to win Bocuse d’Or

I recommend the place, a lovely outing in Luxembourg, scores high as a bistro, brasserie in many ways. a few things where not up to standard this Saturday

  • Bread had been cut too early… still OK, but not as good as out of the oven of last visit
  • Although I know it is simple food, I do like a LITTLE more for the eye…

Lessons Learned

  • Nice setting
  • Good food
  • Lea Linster’s Madeleine cake’s are really good.
  • Do not park in front of a garage.. even though the commune marks it as parking, the house owner can disagree, he called me as he saw the for sale sign in the car

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