What 2 do on a lazy Saturday around Luxembourg – Victor’s Gourmet Restaurant

A visit to Victor’s Gourmet Restaurant a@ Schloss Berg in Nennig, Germany has been long overdue…

and increasingly recommended from different sources.

2 of these: foodwinerocknroll and VeryGoodFood

That aside, I booked a table for 2, pulled out Mr. Brown and here We go:

As usual and with less restraint than normal, We are a configured with no lobster, salmon for Anne and I am trying to avoid lactose for my comforts.

Well arrived and seated, we start on an aperitif, rosé for A and the local Molitor Brut for me.

Gosset Champagne
Markus Molitor Brut
Amuse 1 – Beef tatar for A & Salmon for I

Princesse Anne

Salt, pepper and Olive oil

Amuse 2, 3, 4 – Crab on Kropok, Apple foam and in front, beetroot and Fois Gras

Beetroot and fois Gras & gold

A’s Amuse 5 – Egg, Spinach

Consommé Langoustine `Thai-Style´

At this point We choose the 4 course Voyage Culinaire for 135€ + wine and then we continue…

“Japanese Garden” – Tuna tatar, green Caviar and vegtables
2011 Kanzem Hörecker – Riesling, Weingut von Hövel

Fois Gras creme, Sherry and Parmesan foam
Very tasty

4 delicious types of fresh dark breads

2002 Riesling Edition Nr. 4, Alte Reben Mosel, Markus Molitor, Mosel

2002 Riesling Edition Nr. 4, Alte Reben Mosel, Markus Molitor, Mosel

Japanese Hamachi

2007 Meursault, Francois Mikulski, Burgundy

Atlantic Turbot

Rare… Anne’s Left Handedness was recognized

2002 Chambolle – Misgny, Derrière Le Four, Gérard Seguin, Burgundy – Good but overpowered by the ribs

Christian Bau, Steak Knives – A bit flimsy for my liking

Wagyu-Beef – 36h Rib sous vide – Steak

1999 Graacher Himmelreich, Riesling Auslese**, Markus Molitor Mosel


Graacher Himmelreich… fantastic and look, the colour

Chocolate & Banana
Banana split revisited

Petit Four – Overview

Petit Four

Petit Four

Petit Four

Petit Four

Principessa Anne is happy.. mission accomplished

Delightful Double Espresso

Petit Four – for tomorrow

Also Visited by Air 1st May 2012

Dining experiences, is about details and a very few items were marked as not optimal (all subjective)

  • Red Burgundy was overpowered by the meat
  • Steak knives were sharp but seemed gimmicky
  • Gold – Waste or not a fancy of mine

Conclusion to festivities, 3 stars fame and all is well deserved… and this little visit were fantastic – even competing with Quique Dacosta

 Lessons learned
  • Victor’s Gourmet Restaurant @ Schloss Berg is a destination – book now.
    •  Some Style resemblance to La Vie and Martin Berasategui (More fish & Asia)
  • Fish was delicious
  • We need to learn more about our wine region
  • I need to take more pic’s of host and chefs
  • And to shake the camera less… new lens?
  • Life is good & we must travel more

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