What 2 Do to get a proper burger in Lux – Lou’s Diner

Sometimes I just crave a good burger…

And most often I then end up at Lou’s Diner in Consdorf.

Steven runs the place with his daughter and they serve, what I believe is the best burgers in Luxembourg. Add to this, that they are fresh and fair priced (as you will see on the menu below.)

This is also confirmed by our resident burger expert Klot Kieffer over at ILoveMyBurger

One tip at Lou’s is to know the burgers not only by their solids but also the dressings, Mayo, thousand Island, curry and BBQ as these are essential to the taste.



Diner ambiance
Steven @ Work
Work in progress

Hamburger 3ā‚¬ – Classic burger Mayo

M & M – Mushroom and Mozarella 5ā‚¬

Fries and Curry Ketchup

Inside the Texas Burger – 2 onion rings, cheese and bacon – BBQ Sauce

Hamburger half way –

Texas burger soon gone

 My Favorites are the Hamburger, House, Diner and the Big Lou

Lessons learned
  • Walking the 5K trek in the Forrest behind creates a good hunger and conscience šŸ™‚
  • Lou’s is in his own league when it comes to Burgers in Lux. 
  • 3 burgers, 1 Fries is almost too much food for 2
  • The price is unbeatable for Luxembourg.
  • and … Life is good

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